Friday, 24 October 2014

Starting Over . . . Again.

I have been pretty quiet on here for a while as we have been rather busy with things like moving to another country with three small children in tow. Finding new schools, Dr's, the local supermarket, library, town centre and the best place to get a quick cup of tea. Not to mention the unpacking and reorganising of ones belongings, there always seem to be odd bits left over. Where do they all come from?
Anyway in the first week I think I went five different ways to preschool and got lost twice on the way to school. Saying that our new school is so much nicer that the school we left behind I don't mind so much the getting lost. My little one is so much happier here, he talks about school everyday, he loves after school club and he has made friends with the boys in his class. Preschool is working out pretty well too, we have new best friends and plans to grow up and be farmers together. There is something to be said for being much closer to the countryside. We drive past a dairy farm on the way to school and have been known to stop and have the windows licked. The children love it.
They are hard to capture from a phone in the car.
I have to admit to finding it much harder to adjust myself, in the beginning the middle one would ask things like 'I think I am really naughty Mummy, is that why I can't see Edward and my friends at preschool now and have a new preschool' I was in tears a lot. The school playground was also a new experience for me, in three weeks four people spoke to me. I missed my friends and neighbours. It's still an uphill scramble but things are starting to look easier.
Lets hope after half term everything falls into place.
So that's me. How about you?