Sunday, 15 January 2012

Quite exciting and a bit of a hurry. . .

As you may or may not already know my husband is in the forces. You may or may not support him, thats your choice but it's his job and I am very proud of him and his colleagues and what they do.
Anyway the exciting news is we have just received a 2 year posting to Germany which will be a really good experience for us and the boys. I am very happy that we have been given the opportunity to do this before the German barracks are closed down and return to the UK.
The bit of a rush comes into it as hubby reports for duty on the 5th March which actually isn't that far away.
Excited very, anxious slightly, concerned about the amount of 'stuff' to do YES!
I am just going to finish my cup of tea and I am going to start on the garage.

Until next time. :o)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

UFO to FO!!

I have been trying to remember who it was that posted about UFO's but I can't for the life of me remember. UFO's for those of you not sure what i'm chatting about are Unfinished Objects. I had a bag full of unfinished things but the post that I can't recall properly gave me a boost to start finishing things off. 
Mini pictures to Xmas tags
I think I started Peter Rabbit way back when I was a little girl and I was learning to cross stitch so about 23/4 years ago perhaps. I was gutted I didn't have a card quite the right size to make him into a tag as I did with the other two but he sat in the top of Dad's stocking much to the boys delight.
The other two I started much more recently though still sometime ago. Probably about 2004. They went down very well as gift tags from Father Christmas.

Sampler and Bookmark
The little sampler needs a frame to finish it off. Again I started this when I was quite young maybe 9? I am really not sure but a good 23/4 years ago again. The bookmark I started about 10 or 11 years ago and lost interest in. I finished it for the Advent swap and in my haste to post the package forgot to post it. I need to mount it and get it posted as I don't really know any other Jenny's.
Neices birth sampler - Started 2001
Finally this Peter Rabbit picture. It's from a kit by Anchor but I adapted it for my own use. I first made my nephew a birth announcement for a GCSE project and then I found myself with a niece whom I created a Beatrix Potter scene for. My nephew then had a little brother who received a Noddy creation and his younger sister a washing line of dolls clothes in pretty girls colours. This is only 10 years late for my neice and I have just started an elephant picture for my nephew, after that I have two more nephews and my own two boys to create for. And all because I needed a project for my textile GCSE!
It has made a little dent in my pile of UFO's and I'm looking forward to finishing off some more. It's not all cross stitch but I do have a lot of it tucked away.

Have you any UFO's that you need to turn into FO's?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Make A Month - January

Ok so I only made the scarf in January the hat was knitted in December but I thought as it was a set i'd picture them both. Son was after orange and black and you think I could find one. So I dusted off my knitting brain and came up with these. I am contemplating a pair of mittens too but I need a pair of smaller needles for the wrists or they will just fall off. This is the first knitting i've done in years and I was quite pleased with the results as i'm glad to say was the young man in question.

Looking forward to seeing all the other monthly makes. If you've not signed up yet just click on the link on my side bar and add yourself.