Thursday, 31 December 2009

My newest addition

Well what with Christmas and getting stranded in Estonia just before and all the festive stuff I haven't been doing a lot of Christals Creations things.
I have of course launched the new web site but have yet to see any traffic headed that way. Early days and it needs some advertising.
But I did get round to adding a new necklace on Folksy and I am really quite pleased with the photos.
I was given a new camera for christmas and it is a lot better than the camera on my phone which I was having to use previously due to my old camera dying a slow death.
I am looking forward to having a few moments in between looking after the wee man to learn to use it properly and get lots more pretty shiny things added to both my shops.
I can hear a cry from upstairs. I had better go and rescue him from his nap.

Monday, 28 December 2009

And a dot com is born.

Feeling a little excited and a bit apprehensive as I have launched this evening. There is not a lot on it currently but more will be coming in the next week.
I am not planning on leaving my folksy emporium anytime soon just expanding my horizons so to speak.
I have been working on it for a while and I think I am quite pleased with it. Just hoping the 'shop' facility works ok and doesn't all go to pot. Fingers crossed!!!
I have a few other ideas to expand Christals just a matter of sitting down to it. I also have two boxes of jewellery to list on one or other site and a whole box of de-stash stock to list. Thinking of creating a limited time folksy shop for the de-stash.
I am going to do a little promotion and the 1st ten customers of my new website will receive a free gift.
Blog spot is not playing the game tonight and wont let me upload any pics but i'll get some up here soon.
Take care.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Jewellery time.

Well as this blog is really supposed to be about me and my jewellery amongst all the other things there are to write about I thought perhaps I would add a few pics of things I have been making that have yet to make it to the Folksy emporium.
I sat down last night to go through the stash and was horrified to find out how much there was that needed listing and photographing. I have a few happy days work ahead of me!
The first item is a bracelet i'd made for a christmas present but then decided on something else so it is soon to go up for sale. It is made from turquoise beads and gold stardust beads. Finished with a goldplated toggle clasp.
Next is a pair of fun earrings I made using some beads from a swap that took place on the Folksy forum a while back.
Finally i'll add a picture of a pink and crystal lariat I made earlier in the summer for a fete which had a particularly poor turn out. I have just rediscovered a box of bits that came home that day so watch this space!

Once the holiday is over I shall be adding a few more of these bits and pieces to my folksy store.

End of the teather. . .

What a week. I don't know what has got into him but my son is being a real handful. Today we went to playgroup and he threw glitter everywhere, not just once but four times at least, then he threw sand at the sandpit, he screamed blue murder when I removed him from both areas. He constantly tried to get in the nets under other peoples pushchairs, screamed at his lunch and wouldn't sit down for it. He had a lovely nap after we got home and I was hoping he'd be refreshed but he screamed for half an hour and then went into hyper mode.
When hubby came home we sat down for a cup of tea and he wouldn't stop trying to climb where he isn't allowed, hitting things when he can't have what he wants.
I fear I am going to become the mum no one wants to be friends with as they have a monster child. I'm done in.
Dad has taken him out for a walk to try and calm him down and to give me five minutes. I can feel the tension across my back from the stress.
He can be such a lovely boy, he has just begun to pick up on copying words and walking without falling over. Bring back the monkey. . . take away the monster. . .

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Twinkly smiles!

Well I convinced myhusband to put the tree up yesterday evening when the sprog was in bed. We have had to borrow a small one from a friend this year as the house we are in now is a little smaller than our old place so it's just a little tree but it was just as fun setting it up, we changed the lightshade too, to one I wrapped with tinsel last year and hung out a few garlands.
I brought my son downstairs this morning and the grin on his face when I turned on the lights. He has played with the baubals and tried to eat them and generally had a bit of a play but he hasn't tried to pull it over which I was quite relieved about.
Then he decided that it was about time he added a decoration of his own.
I am leaving it there it took him so long to get it to stay in the branches. :o)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

I have been particularly bad at posting about this so am grabbing the chance while the little man is eating lunch.
I have finally got mine off in the mail today then realised I had forgotten to take any pictures so I shall have to wait for the receipient to post theirs.
However I received mine a while ago now and have just uploaded the picture this morning.

Not one but threes little christmas trees to hang on our tree. All created by the very talented Alex Broadbent of Aleximo. There was a little gift in the packet too. A mobile phone charm decorated with pretty beads.
I was a little worried as I have only made one item and it doesn't seem quite as exciting as those I have received but fingers crossed.

Soap n things

I logged on to folksy this morning and found the page full of soaps. It got me thinking when we were young Father Christmas always brought a soap for our stocking, we had snowmen and father christmas, I particularly remember apple smells and a snow white which I didn't want to use as she'd melt. We had soap on a rope which we'd hang from the door and your friends would give you little wrapped up soaps for presents. I had my little pony gift soaps one year. They were fab as well.
Anyway I thought i'd share a few of my early morning finds with you all.
This one is called Secret Garden made by Hathor's Bath it looks rather sumptious.

The next soapy delight to catch my eye was this boxed set by Sud 'n Sooth. What a lovely present for Christmas.

My favourite soap for the morning though was Murielle the Cow by SoapyChica it reminds me so much of the sort of thing we would receive.

There were so many more available but I will let you see for yourself on your next visit.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pearl Heaven. . .

As a jewellery designer/maker myself I have a bit of a thing for glass pearls.
The colours, the feel when you put your hand in a box full, the way they are so versatile, used singularly, strung together or mixed with other beads.

Then I found Ami Designs who makes beautiful jewellery and uses mostly, (you guessed it), glass pearls.
Here is just one of her beautiful items. This one - Forest - is available in her Etsy store but there are also many more lovely things available from her Folksy shop.

So why not go ahead and treat yourself to a little something special this Christmas.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Folksy Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and with it some rather splendid items are appearing on Folksy.
I could spend hours searching through them all and adding various posts to show you all my glorious finds but there is just not enough time in the day so for now I am going to draw your attention to this one item made by the lovely hotdogandme.

Isn't he fab! Pop over to her shop for more beauties.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Back to Blogging.

The baby is asleep, tea warm in the cup and have thought it's about time I got back to blogging. It seems there is rarely enough hours in the day for all the household chores and mundane everday tasks and with christmas looming already the says seem even shorter.
I have managed to make a few new bits and pieces but my camera has died so i'm hoping Santa brings me a new one. I thought I might try using the camera on the phone earlier but it's full of baby pics so my next task is to upload those.
We went shopping at the weekend and i'm pleased to say the dreaded hordes have now been overcome. Anything else that is needed can be restricted to internet shopping. Oh and a quick trip to toys r us.
An interesting email I received cut down the shopping greatly. Vouchers are us for many people this year. It was actually quite a stress reliver. No worries about will it be liked, will it be tossed aside and a waste of time and energy.
The wee one took two steps earlier, it was quite exciting, hubby will be gutted as he missed it, seems to miss so much with work and things. Still it's a way to go before he can walk across the room alone and hopefully hubby will be home for that.
Well before I witter on too long I will leave you all to this delightful weather and attempt to get these pictures sorted.
So long. . .

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Latest Fayre - Christmas Shopping Night

Well last week I attended a christmas shopping night at my local community centre. I was given good reports and told how busy and succesful it had been last year so I was fairly upbeat about it. I only paid £5 for a small table and then had to donate an item for the grand raffle.
There was one other stall selling jewellery and christmas baubals, (mass produced not handmade), so I kept my fingers crossed. We were sandwhiched between a sweet and chocolate stall and a nude calendar selling for Help for Heros which meant though there was a fair amount of traffic we got bypassed quite a lot due to the collection of people chatting to the calendar girls and blocking our table from view.
However I did manage to sell a pendant to the chocolate stall holder for his wife and just as I was about to call it a day I sold a couple of bits of childrens jewellery. I left with a grand total of £11. The lady to the other side of the chocolate man was also selling handmade and she too had a fairly disapointing time. I have pointed her in the direction of Folksy and hope to see her there soon.
Here's hoping the next one is better.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I won, I won!!!

I completely forgot to mention that I won a lovely necklace from Beach Shack Project. It was a few months ago I replied to a give away on her blog and after a little wait she contacted me to say I had won. I was quite shocked, I never win things. Well very rarely.
(Saying that I did pick a raffle ticket at the zoo and won our son a fluffly crocodile.)
As my camera has died and I am using my phone which is currently full of pictures waiting to be down loaded I will have to direct you over to the the beach shack project blog and get you to scroll down a few pages to see the necklace on the original post.
I have requested a new camera from the hubby for Xmas heres hoping!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Catching Up.

Wow. I can't believe it has been so long since I last wrote on here. Where has it gone?
Well after hubby came home we spent a week with him at work and then had four glourious weeks of holidays. We went on lots of trips and days out and spent a week in Mamhead. It was beautiful. There are some photos waiting to be downloaded on phones and cameras. We were actually in a cottage a little outside on a road so narrow you wonder how they built it. It was quiet and secluded and ideal for a small toddler.
Today was his first day back at work and we are starting to settle back into normality.
In other areas I have been making some jewellery for a great charity called Life After Loss. It's not quite finished yet but it's getting there.
Check out their website at they support people who have lost a baby or suffered a stillbirth.
I have been booked for a Christmas Fete by the local childcare centre and am getting ready to make, make, make. Lots of ideas swirling but have a few other jobs to finish off before I get started.
I hope everyone is well and will try not to leave it so long next time.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Flag waving update. . .

I thought it would be nice to post a pic of the fabulous flag in action.
And to say from my hubby to Louise THANK YOU!
It's going in the box of things to be kept and treasured.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Waving the flag for Folksy

and more specifically Louise of Sew Scrumptious.
I happened to mention I was hoping to get a flag about the size for a 1yr old to wave and possibly with the words 'Welcome home Daddy' across it. Less than a week later the postman struggles to push my mail through the door, (despite the fact my curtains are open and he can see me inside), and with a plop on the mat amidst the usual shower of junk was a packet with just such an item inside.
I showed it to my son who had a lot of fun practising his wave and then found if he put the stick sideways in his mouth he could also carry it round while he scurries on all fours. After letting him play for a while I sneaked it away to keep it safe for the big day.
So I would like to say a big Thank You to Louise for her kindness and generosity. There really are some lovely people in the world.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Some new additions . . .

to my Folksy page.
I have been making lots of presents recently and haven't really been making things for the shop but I have added a few new bits and pieces this week.
This silver cross is hallmarked with my own mark. It is cut from silver sheet and hammered on both sides to create different effects.
Pretty swarovski crystals make these earrings shimmer in the light. Perfect to brighten up your outfit.
Lastly I have choosen this 'wedding' set to show you, memory wire choker, bracelet which closes with a heart shaped toggle clasp and pretty matching earrings all created with glass pearls and crystals.
I am hoping to create some new items soon when I have finished all the gifts. I have lots of beads calling out to me but must finish what I have started.
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Frustration. . .

How annoying I have been blogging for my hubby while he was away, an entry every day from our son. I put a weeks worth on and then realised I hadn't logeed out of Christals so all for nothing. Think I will leave it until tomorrow!

We are off to a wedding this afternoon. I am hoping the teething is over as I don't want him to squark half way through the vows.

As long as the weather stays nice it should be a lovely afternoon.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

De-stash Swap

Well it's been a long time since I last blogged and many things have happened but this entry is all about the latest Folksy de-stash swap. It was organised by Laura on the Folksy forum.
I was paired with Leanne from See the Woods and this morning my package arrived.
Here are a few pictures of the contents of this latest de-stash and of a necklace I have made with one of the things I received.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Milling and Mulling. . .

Wow. I can't believe it has been so long since I last wrote anything. It has been a busy few weeks. I spent a lot of time preparing for the Weeting Steam Rally, which to be honest turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I spoke to lots of the other stall holders and they all said the same but still it was an experience. And I was in a better position than some who didn't manage to cover their costs. And I met a lovely couple selling soap who sent a bar over to cheer us up.
Following the weekend I popped over to see the inlaws, (brother and sister not parents), and spent a couple of days being looked after and fed and playing with my great, (yes thats right), niece and chatting with her mum. They had come down for the weekend from South Shields to see Dad/Grandad. I feel I should be in my eighties when I say i'm a great aunt not in my twenties. Funny old world huh!
However the best bit of news for the week is my parents came to see me today my Mum was ever so excited as she had something to bring me but wouldn't let on what it was. My Dad came in with what appeard to be a rather heavy box and they both sat on the edge of their seats while I sorted the baby things and made a pot of tea. When I finally got round to it I thought my Mum was going to explode. I am now the proud and very excited owner of my very own rolling mill. I still am not quite sure why my Mum decided that she wanted to get me one or what I did to deserve it and I couldn't quite believe it when I opened the box and pulled off the plastic. What a fantastic end to the week. When I have got it properly set up and had time to play with it i'll post some pics.
The only thing I'd ask for to top it off would be a phone call from the hubby. Maybe tomorrow hey!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Fun Day Out.

Yesterday we went to an event organised to celebrate 70 years of flying at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk. There were a host of displays and attractions. Lots of flying displays, gun runs, dogs and cadet groups.
The grand finale was an Apache display.
The best part of the day for me was bumping into old family friends who had entered their Frazer Nash into the best kept vintage civilian vehicle display. Miss England put in an appearance and was judge of this competition, which the Nash won. Miss England must have good taste. (lol).

The winning car with it's smallest driver yet.
It was a lovely day and made a change to our usual Saturday chores and duties.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fly by night. . .

I was quietly minding my own business last night watching some background t.v, waiting for the CSI repeat and making a bracelet when the cat came bounding in the living room. I looked up to see the biggest moth I have ever seen in my house. It was huge, at a guess 4" wingspan and 3" long maybe. I was wondering how on earth to get it out without the cat hurting it and didn't take a good look but it was definately red and black. I had a mild panic about what to do with it and called the neighbour who perhaps now thinks I am bit of an odd ball but did agree it was massive. He managed to catch it in a mug and let it free and this morning it had flown away so I am hoping it didn't get hurt in the evacuation process.
There was a photo but on a real camera so when the film is processed i'll add a pic. (Just to prove I am not a complete wuss and it really was quite big!)
I am now looking forward to another lovely day and am off to Hawkeden later this morning to join the VSCC for lunch.
Have a good weekend all of you!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Blog Awards and Blog Awarding. . .

There appears to be a blog award spreading like wildfire. I have been got twice. So I felt I should perhaps join in. ;o)
My thanks to both Hats and More and The Sock Garden for adding me on their top 15 blog award lists.

I have been following various blogs and thus follows my list of 15 in no particular order.

1. Ruby Spirit Designs
2. Miss Makes Stuff
3. Careford Creations
4. Jewellery my Design
5. Funky Junk Jewellery
6. Floating Rabbit
7. Wood Jewellery
8. Sew Recycled
9. Chiyobex
10. Kerli
11. Mollimoo
12. Paper and Cloth
13. Sew Scrumptious
14. Nifty Knits
15. Soapy Chica

Here are the Rules:
Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have discovered. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Elephantitis. . .

I was watching twitter earlier and there was a post from Zoe Sharp Crafts. She has made a beautiful elephant from some fab 70's material. You will recognise the pattern from somewhere!Any way it started me thinking about elephants. My favourite animal was always the elephant and then my mum started collecting them several years ago and we had a shelf full all created from different materials.
My son's godmother also happens to be a big elephant fan, her living room is full of them. Much to her husbands horror as he prefers eagles. (LOL).
So I have had a little rummage on Folksy and sen what I could find in the way of these magnificant animals. I love this little fellow from Melody Makes It.
He looks like he needs a comfy cushion on a chair in the corner, or maybe a spot by the bed.
And I absolutely love this make up bag from Girl of the Sixties. It not only has elephants on but it is pink. What more could a girl want?
My next find was this ceramic lovely from Wiktorski Ceramics. He is a very jolly looking chap. Looks like he belongs in a large herd.

And finally before I bore you all completely with this obsession of ours I found a gorgeous, gorgeous pendant from Frill Design. It is divine. I love it!!!
Now i'm off to see if I can unearth any elephants in my bead box. I'm feeling the elephant urge.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My son has got an infection. it has turned him from a fairly contented and docile baby into a constant screaming machine. The Dr assured me it would only last a few days. Lucky for him he was at the emergency clinic and I have very slim chance of ever seeing him again. However we are having a progress check tomorrow afternoon so maybe they will have more ideas. . .
I was a little disappointed with the results of the Northwold Carnival. It was hardly worth the effort, still it was an experience. And I have high hopes for the Weeting Steam Rally. Various ideas in store including a possible lucky dip. Must get making.
I have finally gotten round to photographing some more items today and have managed to upload two new items to my folksy store. Both charm bracelets. Hopefully more will be on later once I have managed to get the baby to sleep.
Here is a sneaky preview of the Dancing Dolphins.
I hope everyone has had beautiful weather as we have today. It really was gorgeous. More tomorrow I hope.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Time waits for no man. . .

or woman!
I had all these plans for what I was going to do today and what I was going to blog about after my long abscence and it has all gone by the by.
I am hoping tomorrow goes a bit more smoothly and I can get it all in.
I do want to make a quick mention of See the Woods fantastic new zine Go Handmade. Sadly I am not in this one, I wasn't on the ball but it is a fabulous read so pop over and take a look. It is packed with interviews and lots of ideas of lovely things to make.
I also wanted to share the excitement that I am featured on AmiDesigns blog. My first crafting interview. A big thank you to the lovely Alison for organising this.
I am shattered after a very long and quite tiring day so I am going to bid you all a good night.
I will leave you with a bracelet I recently made. I love the colours of these beads, they remind me of a bag of boiled sweets.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thursday. . .

Hmm. What has been oing on recently?!
The fish is still swimming about but looking a bit peeky. Maybe it has fish flu?!
The monkey is teething and telling me all about it. Quite loudly most of the time.
I made another bracelet this morning but no pictures as yet. Need to sort the camera out among other things.
We're off to a wedding this weekend. I have been roped into doing a reading. I couldn't say no the bride read at my wedding last year but I do hate standing up in front of people and speaking. And I have a funny feeling when I stand up and walk to the front my son may have something to say! LOL.
Well I suppose rather than procrastinate I had better pack a bag for the weekend.
I hope you all have a good few days and the sun shines long enough for the photos.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dragonflys to Dolphins

After the success of my dragonfly charm bracelet set I spent the morning on a commision which stemmed from it. A dolphin charm bracelet and earring set. I hope it is received as well.

I have also entered the world of Twitter. Come along and see me cheep feebly as I try and figure out quite what it is I am supposed to be doing there. LOL.

Other news is slim pickings. I have finally managed to get the baby to sleep and one of the fish is swimming very wonky. I think he may be headed for fishy heaven. We'll see what he's like in the morning. His face is looking pretty grim too. Ugh I am fine with the little ones when I have to fish them out of the tank but this is a biggie, where is the hubby when you need him. Bleugh!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Busy Weekend

Well Friday's scarecrow walk went well, it took an hour and a half but was a lot of fun.
After that the weekend flew by, we went home to prepare for a hen night/weekend on Friday. And after succumbing to having my hair dyed enjoyed an evening of good company. Saturday saw us shopping the day away with the 'hen' in Norwich. Then driving her to the Marriot Country House Hotel, Sprowton Manor, her face was a picture when she realised we were spending the night there. An evening at the theatre with the 'Cirque de Glace', (well worth it if you get the chance to see it), followed by dinner out. It was a lovely day and it was nice to have a lie in on Sunday while the in-laws looked after the monkey for me. After a leisurly breakfast we made the trip home stopping to drop off the bride to be and collect the monkey.
It was an eventful trip home, in the space of 25 miles I encountered sunshine, rain, lightning, 5" snow and floods. Only in Britain. . .
Today has been mostly spent trying to reorganise myself after a weekend away and catch up on chores. Not very exciting. LOL!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Suprise Swap - The Results

We are being collected in a few minutes for a trip to see the newest scarecrows in the competion, (see earlier post), but I have just got time to add a couple of pictures of some of the things I have made with the beads I received in my suprise swap.

I can hear someone at the door. Best be off.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


It has been a pretty busy few days with one thing and another and I haven't had a lot of chance to get on the internet. We've had days out and shopping trips and baby groups galore. Then at the weekend we have a hen trip and a night out which I am greatly looking forward to as the in laws are taking the baby and I am getting a night off!

I made a lot of fairy wands on Monday for the Northwold carnival but forgot to take pictures to show you. However I was also asked to make a dragonfly bracelet for a 30th present and as there were a few beads left over I added a pair of earings in for good measure.

We saw the birthday girl on Tuesday and she was very pleased with it. We are off to baby group shortly so I will have to stop rambling for now. I hope you are all having a good week.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Fairytale Afternoon

So after a brief trip to the park where we swung, slid and see sawed for as long as you can take at 10 months old we decided to go to the lake. I was only half concentrating when I saw Iggle Piggle at the road side on the way and assumed someone was having a party.

We had a lovely walk round the lake and back and my son helped with my ice cream. (See the trace smeared round his mouth). On the way back I took a slower drive through the village and realised it was more than just a party as Iggle Piggle had been joined by Homer Simpson on the opposite side of the road. I stopped for a quick photo as I was so intrigued. As I went round the next corner I came across Little Red Riding Hood, a Lion a Witch and a Wardrobe with someone climbing in and then Bertie Bassat!

It transpires that every year there is a scarecrow festival in the village and at the end of next week the winning scarecrow will bepicked so I guess there will be a few more popping up over the next few days. (I'll keep you posted!)

Other news is I have created a bracelet this evening from some of the beads I received in my suprise swap. Pictures to follow.
Finally I wanted to bring to your attention a couple of competitions open to all. The first is for a lovely corsage made by the very talented NiftyThrifty this competition is available on jijikiki's blog
The second is for a very funky sailor theme necklace from funky junk jewellery to enter just visit her blog.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Exciting Mail

We had a very lazy morning today I was actually waiting for a courier with some cold stuff but there was a knock at the door and it was our local postie. Quiet guy but think he is getting to know me after the vast amount of packets I've had this last week or so. I ripped an envelope open thinking I was in luck and my pendant had arrived next day only to find the hospital had decided to post my tablets out to me. Slightly disappointed I went through the pile of mail for my hubby and found another packet at the bottom of my pile. This time it was my pendant, with a lovely pair of free earings included as well as a match book note pad, a gift voucher and an origami bird. It's post like that you want to receive everyday!!! Thank you Glassprimitif. Anyone else wants some exciting mail visit her shop at
Hope the weather holds for the weekend we have a barbeque to go to on Sunday.
Enjoy the weekend all of you. :o)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Thursday

Well it has been a fairly busy day down this way. We popped into the post office and the mums and tots group this morning for a cuppa and a natter. Then this afternoon all the sun got to me and I cut the grass and trimmed, (hacked at a bit), our rather large tree. Luckily we only have to do the back and a man comes round and does all the fronts and the park for us. My son loved being in his walker in the garden and was positively flying up the path.
Having put him to bed I thought I would build the bike that has been in our shed for almost a year, I got ever so confused and had to go and ask next door as he has a bike. Turns out I was being a bit of a dunce really and looking at the wrong instructions. I felt a bit of an idiot when he pointed it out however he then did it all for me so saved me a job. Must thank his lovely wife for the loan next time I see her.
I have started using the bits from my suprise swap to make more jewellery. The ribbon and thread necklaces match some foil glass pendants I bought recently a treat and will hopefully fall of the table at the Northwold Carnival.
Right I am off to make a cuppa and get creative for an hour before bedfordshire calls.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Backwards and Forwards

Well this morning we went for coffee with some other local mums. (Actually we all drank tea why do people always say they are going for a coffee even if they don't drink the stuff at all?)
Anyway I digress, my son decided that this would be a good time to learn to travel, backwards. It was probably not quite a foot but it was all his own work so I was impressed. Now I have to think about baby-proofing the house. . . .
I shall put him to bed this evening and lay on the floor to see what there is of interest, probably lots of fluff and a few biscuit crumbs. The joys of being 10 months old.

On the subject of going forwards I was quite excited when logging on to Folksy for a general look-see in the chat room I had a quick check on my home page to discover I had about four minutes previously sold a tiara. After a bit of a dry spell I was to say the least rather excited.
I promptly went and bought a pendant from Glassprimitif ( for a birthday coming up in the near future. I shall try and remember to post a pic when it arrives.

Right the problem with this moving malarky is we keep getting stuck, i'm off to rescue the great explorer from the vast jungle of the living room floor. :o)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have noticed recently a lot of people have been having a rummage and a clean out and generally spring cleaning their craft boxes, drawers and hidyholes. So I thought I would bring a few to your attention. The only problem was when I came back to it I couldn't find half the original posts which had inspired me to create this post.
I even tried mentioing it on Folksy but must be dinner time for the folksers.

So the first site I would like to bring your attention to is the lovely Glue and Glitter's handmade jewellery page full of many sale bargains as she is having a good old de-clutter re-shuffle.

On a slightly different theme but also having a grand old spring clean is kittyeden who yu can find at she is clearing out a whole selection of bits and pieces go and visit her blog and find where to get hold of all her wonderful bargains.

As I said I can't remember where all those other bargains, sales and clearouts were but there sure seem to be a lot about. Maybe it's time I had one but where would I start?

Front page news. . .

I thought I had gone a bit crazy earlier when I logged onto Folksy and found one of my creations staring me in the face. I think I logged on at just the right time. Needless to say I was very excited and even took a screenprint to prove it. lol.

Other front page news from me today is my old Brownie group called me, ( I was Tawny Owl until I moved), they are organising an evening where they are going to pack up and post as many care packages as they can for soldiers serving in Afghanistan and have asked us to go along for the evening and join them. This is such a worthwhile cause of course I agreed right away and phoned the local paper to ask them to beg for donations on our behalf. It's not until June 3rd so we have lots of time to collect in extra items to add to those the girls are doing themselves. I will let you know how it goes.

Right the monkey has just dropped off for an afternoon nap so I had better get on with some chores.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Suprise Swop - Look what I got. . .

I was ever so excited when this rather inconspicuous brown package arrived on my door mat. I knew it had to be my suprise swop, kindly arranged by 'Trashy Princess' of the Folksy forum. I do so love getting suprises and this had been eagerly anticipated.

I wasn't disappointed. There was so much more than I imagined could be inside a little package like that. Everything from ribbon and bows to stickers and stamps. There are some lovely beads, lots of charms buttons and a huge variety of other items.

I can't wait to get started creating with all these goodies. I already have a couple of ideas but I also have a couple of commissions that I must get on and do. Never enough time in the day. . .

A year ago today. . .

I woke up this morning to my son squarking. He has discovered how to turn over in his cot and can't decide if he likes it. And I thought about this time last year. Today is my first wedding anniversary and I am spending it alone with my son while my husband has to work overseas. He's been gone three weeks and today i'm really missing him. On the up side our son is desperately trying to crawl and has brought a lot of smiles to my face today.

Yesterday I received a package from my Suprise Swop and it was packed full of wonderful things, I am very excited about the ideas I have had so far. I am going to give it a whole seperate entry of it's own as soon as I can find the charger for my phone to upload the photos.

Well it's a lovely sunny day, the sky is blue and we are shortly off to a first birthday party. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Top 5 Buttons Finds

I have decided today is button day and I have been looking around at various buttons and button items to share with you.
Why buttons, I don't really know but they do seem to be making a bit of a come back.
My first find was this lovely button purse from Tomato Tea.

I love it, so simple and so effective.
Then I discovered this fantastic colourful bracelet from Chiyo's. WOW!!!

I love these glass buttons from SteamPunk Glass. Such pretty colours hidden inside.

I went on to discover these sweet cupcakes from jellybelly*jellybrain which are perfect for my cake making friend. Roll on her birthday so I have an excuse to buy them for her.
Come on you have to agree they do look good enough to eat. . . .
My final find for the day which I absolutely love is but then I am a bit of a sucker for Moolimoos buttons. . .

All of these fantastic items came up within the first five pages of a Folksy 'BUTTON' search.
So as you can see I have had a wonderfully productive afternoon and will now be off to join some friends for the remainder of the evening.
Happy 'BUTTON' Day everyone.