Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Thursday

Well it has been a fairly busy day down this way. We popped into the post office and the mums and tots group this morning for a cuppa and a natter. Then this afternoon all the sun got to me and I cut the grass and trimmed, (hacked at a bit), our rather large tree. Luckily we only have to do the back and a man comes round and does all the fronts and the park for us. My son loved being in his walker in the garden and was positively flying up the path.
Having put him to bed I thought I would build the bike that has been in our shed for almost a year, I got ever so confused and had to go and ask next door as he has a bike. Turns out I was being a bit of a dunce really and looking at the wrong instructions. I felt a bit of an idiot when he pointed it out however he then did it all for me so saved me a job. Must thank his lovely wife for the loan next time I see her.
I have started using the bits from my suprise swap to make more jewellery. The ribbon and thread necklaces match some foil glass pendants I bought recently a treat and will hopefully fall of the table at the Northwold Carnival.
Right I am off to make a cuppa and get creative for an hour before bedfordshire calls.

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