Friday, 26 June 2015

Farewell Suffolk.

So I haven't been around much recently as we have been busy selling our property in Suffolk. Today the solicitor called to say it's official we have completed and the keys have been handed over. It's a strange feeling, on the one hand I am incredibly excited about the future and what the next chapter holds, on the other it's quite emotional. We are both from Suffolk and our roots will always be there even though we are not. That was our first house, bought early on in our relationship as the opportunity arose, we had only been seeing each other 3 months when we made the decision to buy, we had known each other a lot longer but that's not quite the same. We were married when we lived there and I fell pregnant with our eldest while we still lived there. Lots of lovely happy memories.
However we are moving on and into another part of the country where my husbands work has taken us. Perhaps we shall put down new roots for our children here or perhaps we shall wait a while and see what the future holds. Either way it's an exciting time.
What's no so exciting is the rain, and the fact that it's the school summer bonanza later this afternoon and we are going to get very wet if it doesn't let off soon. In fact it has precisely two hours to clear up and give us all a reprieve and then if it can hold off for another two we shall all be very happy.
What's new on your street?

Friday, 5 June 2015

Is it or isn't it. . .

Summer that is. Cold one day 26+ the next. Hot in the morning, jumpers at lunch time and 25 by school run time. I do wish it would make up it's mind. Yesterday I wore a bright summery outfit in an attempt to encourage the nice weather and I received some lovely compliments.
The skirt is a new look pattern, the fabric was from a shop in one of our local villages. It was on sale so I thought it would be rude not to take any home with me.
In other news I have been clearing out the cupboards in an attempt to de clutter our space, I have been putting a lot aside for one of our preschool Mums who collects and fills boxes for Skoolz4kids. Preschool has been sponsoring a child since we have been there and we have provided a few bits for the child but this Mum fills boxes to be distributed to other people in the village as well as the sponsored family. I took a look at the website and some of the pictures are very humbling.