Sunday, 25 July 2010

New things. . .

So I figured for now I will just type in black. That way you can read it easily and I can worry anout the trivia of blog backgrounds when I have the important stuff sorted out.
I have been working on a few bits and pieces recently that were for friends locally so I haven't been as busy with Folksy as I could have been.
I thought i'd share a couple of pictures with you so you can see i've not been totally lazy! :o)
A peridot and silver pendant part of a set.
Crystal pendant and earring insired by the peridot pendant.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Photobucket Mayhem

So I popped on this evening to try and catch up with things while hubby is watching 'The Corpse Bride'. And I found my background had disappeared. Now in fairness I do remember getting a warning about this but it had completely slipped my mind.
So I went back to the CBOTB to find another. Only there were so many I couldn't find a similar replacement in a hurry so I have settled with this for now and will try again when I am feeling a bit more with it.
All my text is the wrong colour now as the background is so light but I will endevour to get this all redone during the week.
Until next time.
Fiona @ Christals Creations

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Toddlers Toddle. . .

Yesterday our little toddler group went for a toddle to raise money for new toys and some rechargable batteries for the noisy toys that never work. They did a spectacular job and all managed to get all the way round.
This is a rather tired little boy having walked the whole thing himself.
But we were very proud of him.
Unfortunately it didn't tire him out enough to sleep early or have a lie in and we were up and about this morning as usual busy wanting to read and do puzzles and have juice!

We think we have raised something like £90 so that should go a little way to acquiring some new things.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

PIF - And an apology. . .

I recently took part in Pay it Forward. You agree to send three items to three people if they agree to do the same. You will in turn receive one item from the person you take the PIF from.
I have been really naughty and have forgotten to blog about receiving my PIF from The Felt Fairy .
I had a lovely packet in the post which my toddler took one look at and decided must be for him. Wrapped inside were a felt bird, some embroidery thread and some ric rac. The ric rac took me back to my childhood and sewing with my mum.
I haven't been able to upload any pictures as I have yet again misplaced the camera/pc lead.
I will endevour to do so in the future.
Meanwhile pop over and see her wares for yourself.
I must now think about what I shall be sending on to my 2 respondees. I never did collect a third even with 73 blog followers and over 200 twitter followers. . .
Apologies for the lack of pictures. I'll do better next time. ;o)
Fiona @ Christals Creations.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Quiet week. . .

Things have been a bit quiet on the jewellery front after my busy week last week. I have started to make a few bits for summer which I must photograph and list on Folksy.
Hubby has been away on a course. He was able to come home this weekend and we had a fun day out yesterday at a local car boot followed by a walk around the lake to see the ducks and geese and even some crickets to my sons excitement.
Today however was awful, son screamed all afternoon, bar lunch. We tried everything from the mean Mummy and Daddy to the coaxing and even found ourselves giving him calpol after he worked himself into such a state. First time in a long time I had to use a syringe as he wanted to spit it out at us. Put him in the car to go to the station and drop off hubby for the next part of course and he was quiet as a mouse and fell asleep. Would love to see inside that little mind and see what is going on. Screams for Daddy, he goes and gets pushed and kicked out of the room.
So i'm hoping for a model child tomorrow after the devil was clearly residing in him today.
The washing machine went last week which was a bit of a night mare. New one being delivered on Thursday. Thank heavens for a father who taught us to save not spend.
As you can see not much to tell.
Hopefully there will be more going on this week and i'll have more to talk about.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cedars Park and My First Jewellery Party. . .

This week has been a busy one for me. Both at home and with the jewellery making.
My Consultant chirpily told me I have a big baby, showing 28 wks at 25. I was not so chirpy, it's hot, i'm big, my first was a petite little thing though you couldn't tell for looking at him now!
On Thursday I had my first jewellery party I decided t do it at my house so I was a little more relaxed. In the end only 4 of the guests showed up but we all had a fab night, ate lots of nibbles and I even sold a few items of jewellery which was of course the idea.
This bracelet was one of my favourites and i'm pleased to say it hasn't gone too far. My neighbour bought it so i'll get to see it being worn now and again.
Today I went to Cedars Park School Fair. It was a glourious day and there was a wonderful turnout. I was juiced and biscuited by the PTA which was an additional treat as I was only asked for £5 for the table. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was smiling and having fun.
At the end of the fair I discovered I could fit what I had left into one small box, not including my earring stand. And when I counted my takings I was more than pleasantly suprised. The most success I have ever had at school carnivals and fairs is £32 after the table fee. I more than tripled this today. It has left me feeling a little bit dazed though very pleased.
One happy little girl could be seen sporting my penguin charm bracelet all afternoon.
Another lady came looking for me after seeing a friend of hers wearing a pendant she liked and being sent my way. I had sold it to her about 15mins prior. Following this two ladies could be spotted with similar pendants patrolling their children around the rest of the stalls.
It was actually quite a boost to see a playground full of mums and children wearing my jewellery and getting so much enjoyment from it.
I now have a busy week ahead as following Thursday evenings party I was asked to accompany our local Vie consultant to a hen party next Saturday. I am looking forward to an evening out but will need to make some more pretty things to take with me to bulk out my display again.
I hope all of you are having a good start to the month as well.
Fiona @ Christals Creations.