Sunday, 27 February 2011

Falling Behind. . .

I have been trying to blog once a week and tonight is the end of the week!
I have also been trying to take part in the 'A Make A Month' but have nothing to show for it yet this month. Uh oh the month ends tomorrow. I wasn't sure if cooking counted as this month we made fudge.
There was another pic of the 'turning' but it wont upload for some reason and I completely for got to picture the final product. There aren't even any crumbs as it was all wrapped and popped in a box and is winging its way to my husband. He says it's starting to warm up out there now so I hope it arrives before it gets too hot!

I also helped lots of women to make their own bracelet at our Tuesday for Women group. The beads and charms and the elastic were all supplied by the amazing Juliet at Spoilt Rotten Beads. The ladies all had a lot of fun and here is a little peek at the finished products some of them created.
Last Sunday we went to a christening and dare I say it I thought my boys scrubbed up quite well.
And behaved remarkably well too considering church on a Sunday morning is to be honest not our norm.
Apparently blogger is not going to let me have any more pictures tonight so I shall have to save the rest of my pics for another post.
I must try and catch up with myself this week.

Until next time when hopefully I can add a few more pics. :o)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bloggy Love. . .

After all the anticipation today was the day to open our 'Bloggy Love' parcels. Mine had been sitting on my side since it arrived. Still in the envelope because I knew once the envelope was off it would be hard to resist a cheeky poke and squeeze. My parcel was sent by Jacey from Coffee and Crochet.
This is what I found inside the envelope. Almost too good to unwrap!

But I had a very willing helper! He was very excited to find 'awww pretty beads Mummy'

Doesn't it look beautiful?!

I couldn't say no when he asked to help with another of my packages.

The anticipation. . .

And here is the contents of my lovely package revealed. A handmade crochet flower brooch. Heart shaped cookie cutters, pretty beads with hearts included in the bag, a gorgeous wooden heart hanger and a scrummy strawberry Emma Bridgewater notebook and pen set. All packaged in with chocolate silver hearts and confetti. Of course I had to reward my willing helper for all his hard work with a chocolate heart!

Now the thing about swaps is you package up something you think is great until you open yours and then you start to panic that your ideas of what that person would like are completely wrong.
My parcel was perfect I just hope mine is received with the same enthusiasm?!

I will be back soon as I have been sent a blog award and I need to 'complete' the challenge.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A thrifty shop. . .

You may remember I blogged about winning this lovely book in a previous post.

I have been reading through it and picking up snippets of information. Last night I had to do an online shop for the necessaries we were running out of and I remembered a hint had been mentioned about online shopping so I flicked through and found the passage.
I am glad I did because using saved me £19.93 on my shop. I was planning on using Asda because I assumed they would be cheaper but actually Tesco were the winners.
I shall definately be using this again. £20 that's a third of a tank of petrol I saved!

So if you feel the urge to be thrifty pop over for a look. You may just have a nice suprise.

All the best until next time.

Fiona @ Christals Creations

Sunday, 6 February 2011

And relax. . .

So another of the things on my list of 'challenges' among all the usual such as blogging at least once a week, (over and above!!!), reading more, taking the kids on a 'proper' walk every week, (not doing so well, only managed 1, the snowdrop walk at Angelsey Abbey), etc, etc, was taking a relaxing bath once a month, that is not to say I will only wash once a month but tht I will actually take time to relax in the bath. This has proved no easy feat with hubby away on his jollies in the big sandpit and two small people to take care of. However I had an opportunity earlier when number 1 son was asleep and no 2 had dropped off for a nap downstairs. I managed to run the bath, and even managed to get in it for about 10 mins before the siren went off it started as a rumble and a moan so I thought perhaps it was a false alarm and didn't jump out right away but it progressed to the where are you slightly high pitched call of a little human.
I was quite pleased that I got my first attempt in so early in the month it gives me lots of time for a second attempt and if I don't make it I can count this one. After all 10 mins is 10 mins!
I hope you in blogland are all enjoying the last hours of the weekend before the Monday rush starts up.