Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

I have been particularly bad at posting about this so am grabbing the chance while the little man is eating lunch.
I have finally got mine off in the mail today then realised I had forgotten to take any pictures so I shall have to wait for the receipient to post theirs.
However I received mine a while ago now and have just uploaded the picture this morning.

Not one but threes little christmas trees to hang on our tree. All created by the very talented Alex Broadbent of Aleximo. There was a little gift in the packet too. A mobile phone charm decorated with pretty beads.
I was a little worried as I have only made one item and it doesn't seem quite as exciting as those I have received but fingers crossed.

Soap n things

I logged on to folksy this morning and found the page full of soaps. It got me thinking when we were young Father Christmas always brought a soap for our stocking, we had snowmen and father christmas, I particularly remember apple smells and a snow white which I didn't want to use as she'd melt. We had soap on a rope which we'd hang from the door and your friends would give you little wrapped up soaps for presents. I had my little pony gift soaps one year. They were fab as well.
Anyway I thought i'd share a few of my early morning finds with you all.
This one is called Secret Garden made by Hathor's Bath it looks rather sumptious.

The next soapy delight to catch my eye was this boxed set by Sud 'n Sooth. What a lovely present for Christmas.

My favourite soap for the morning though was Murielle the Cow by SoapyChica it reminds me so much of the sort of thing we would receive.

There were so many more available but I will let you see for yourself on your next visit.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pearl Heaven. . .

As a jewellery designer/maker myself I have a bit of a thing for glass pearls.
The colours, the feel when you put your hand in a box full, the way they are so versatile, used singularly, strung together or mixed with other beads.

Then I found Ami Designs who makes beautiful jewellery and uses mostly, (you guessed it), glass pearls.
Here is just one of her beautiful items. This one - Forest - is available in her Etsy store but there are also many more lovely things available from her Folksy shop.

So why not go ahead and treat yourself to a little something special this Christmas.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Folksy Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and with it some rather splendid items are appearing on Folksy.
I could spend hours searching through them all and adding various posts to show you all my glorious finds but there is just not enough time in the day so for now I am going to draw your attention to this one item made by the lovely hotdogandme.

Isn't he fab! Pop over to her shop for more beauties.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Back to Blogging.

The baby is asleep, tea warm in the cup and have thought it's about time I got back to blogging. It seems there is rarely enough hours in the day for all the household chores and mundane everday tasks and with christmas looming already the says seem even shorter.
I have managed to make a few new bits and pieces but my camera has died so i'm hoping Santa brings me a new one. I thought I might try using the camera on the phone earlier but it's full of baby pics so my next task is to upload those.
We went shopping at the weekend and i'm pleased to say the dreaded hordes have now been overcome. Anything else that is needed can be restricted to internet shopping. Oh and a quick trip to toys r us.
An interesting email I received cut down the shopping greatly. Vouchers are us for many people this year. It was actually quite a stress reliver. No worries about will it be liked, will it be tossed aside and a waste of time and energy.
The wee one took two steps earlier, it was quite exciting, hubby will be gutted as he missed it, seems to miss so much with work and things. Still it's a way to go before he can walk across the room alone and hopefully hubby will be home for that.
Well before I witter on too long I will leave you all to this delightful weather and attempt to get these pictures sorted.
So long. . .

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Latest Fayre - Christmas Shopping Night

Well last week I attended a christmas shopping night at my local community centre. I was given good reports and told how busy and succesful it had been last year so I was fairly upbeat about it. I only paid £5 for a small table and then had to donate an item for the grand raffle.
There was one other stall selling jewellery and christmas baubals, (mass produced not handmade), so I kept my fingers crossed. We were sandwhiched between a sweet and chocolate stall and a nude calendar selling for Help for Heros which meant though there was a fair amount of traffic we got bypassed quite a lot due to the collection of people chatting to the calendar girls and blocking our table from view.
However I did manage to sell a pendant to the chocolate stall holder for his wife and just as I was about to call it a day I sold a couple of bits of childrens jewellery. I left with a grand total of £11. The lady to the other side of the chocolate man was also selling handmade and she too had a fairly disapointing time. I have pointed her in the direction of Folksy and hope to see her there soon.
Here's hoping the next one is better.