Saturday, 22 November 2014

This and That

The good thing about a blog is it doesn't have to follow post to post. One thing one week, another next time and no one minds at all. Saying that I will just say that all small people are very happy now Daddy is home again and have been having a lovely weekend so far.
SO what's new?
This 'Izzy' is one I ran up yesterday. Someone was very excited by it this morning and wanted it on over her pyjamas before we were up and about properly. The fabric was from Lisa's in Rheda, near Gutersloh in Germany. It's almost the last of my German stash which makes me a bit sad. We will just have to go back and visit for a fabric top up.
We are still waiting for our living room furniture to arrive hence the dinning chairs in the living room. It's now coming on the 3rd December. I am looking forward to sitting on real settees rather than hard chairs and bean bags. It's going to be like Christmas come early for us as we have been waiting since August when we moved in.
Not much more to tell today. I have made some new clothes but I need to get the camera out when I am in them and then I can share a few pictures.
How's your weekend going?

Monday, 17 November 2014

And then my heart broke . . . again.

Last night was a tough one. Daddy has been away for a little over a week with no contact. The boys have been coping pretty well considering and we even had a takeaway night on Saturday and ventured to the shops on Sunday. But then yesterday afternoon young madam started screaming uncontrollably. She clung to me like a limpet, I could have let her go and she wouldn't have fallen. We did all the usual, changed nappy, took temperature, had half a dose of calpol as teeth were potentially the problem and eventually decided to try for a nap, which turned into an early night. This just left the boys, we ate tea together, tidied away toys and sat down to play a game before bedtime. All was going well, bedtime was fairly straightforward and quiet so as not to wake the little madam and we had our story and settled down.
Later I went up to check on them and number 2 son was sobbing uncontrollably into his pillow, he was heartbroken. He misses Daddy, he wants him to come home now. He didn't come down to tell me as he was supposed to be asleep. Lots of cuddles and reassurance that Daddy would be home for the weekend and things seemed OK. I felt awful however and just wanted to wrap him in my arms and let him sleep on me.
10 mins later and I had to check on them again and number 1 son was in tears this time, he can't live without Daddy and he wants all the badness so everyone else has the goodness. It took a few minutes to fathom that all the badness is missing Daddy, having bad dreams, feeling sad all the 'bad' a small boy can think of. This truly tipped me over the edge. We had lots more cuddles and even a conversation about how lucky we are Daddy is coming home as lots of Daddies can't. And eventually everyone was settled. Apart from me of course who was now a wreck myself.
Hot chocolate and a good film went some way to helping but I really can't wait for the weekend.
And that's me for now. More cheerful news next time I hope. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Armistice Day - Reflect and Remember

The Army Air Corps Collect

Almighty God, who maketh the clouds Thy chariots, and who walketh upon the wings of the wind; have mercy on all who serve in the Army Air Corps: that they may have Thy guidance in all their work on land and in the air; and in their moment of need, they may have the assurance of Thy presence with them: and find Thy hand to support and strengthen them; through Jesus Christ our Lord  

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Seasonal Sewing and something for me.

I have been trying a few new patterns out recently. Trying to expand my sewing skills. The first is a Halloween themed Hummingbird Dress from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. It was pretty easy to sew but I made the mistake of assuming the age 2 would fit my 22 year old and it did but only just. She won't be keeping it for next year that's for sure. The fabric was 2 euro a meter last year in Tedox for a cape and pinny dress. This was the left overs. So the meter has done well.

The second is the Izzy top from Climbing the Willow. I love this pattern. The age 2 fits with room to grow. This fabric was from a Facebook selling page. I saw it and knew I needed it for a Christmas Izzy. It has yet to be worn but now we are into November it is going to be coming out of the drawer.

 Finally is the not quite finished Bebe dress by Serendipity. I bought the fabric from a shop in a village near us called Hansons. It had lots of choice and this was on the sale shelf. Turns out it wasn't in the sale but you can't win them all. I should have added length to the dress as it's a bit short but I think now it's done I will add a band, probably in a deep chocolate brown as there is brown in the paisley. I just need to find the right stuff.

So that's what I have been making recently. I also have a stack of projects to get on with. I have unpacked the moving crate behind the dummy since taking the picture. It had all my beads and things in and now I am drawn to making some jewellery. Maybe some simple earrings. I am not sure yet. My small people are always eager to help when beads are concerned.