Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Joining in the fun.

Our boys thought they would like to help out with one of the projects we have on the go at the moment.
So armed with a cloth and some soapy water they got to work.
We picked these drawers up free on the local free-book page. They are thick with horrible paint on the top and front and will need a good rub down when it is off. They will have to be repainted as the wood has been marked by previous owners but they should be OK with a new runner and a light coat of something. Then they are off to live in the nursery.

Have you been helped out with any of your projects recently?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Bag bags bags. . .

I have been having a sort out in preparation for a car boot sale at the weekend. The last time I had a table at a car boot I didn't actually make that much but it was a day out. This time I have been coerced into sharing a pitch with a friend who didn't want to spend the day alone.
Isn't it funny how much 'STUFF' you find that you really don't want or need when you start looking. Old children's clothes, adult clothes, nik naks, all those things you put to one side just in case and 5 years later just in case still hasn't happened.
I am hoping that the weather will hold out, and that people will come in their droves and buy all my clutter leaving me with nothing to take home at the end of the morning. In reality it will prob' pour with rain and if we are lucky we will scrap the cost of the pitch but I am being optimistic and hoping for the former.
Where on earth did I even manage to find a box of Tomy track - we have never played with it - I think it was given to us but the boys just weren't interested - they preferred the wooden track and they still love it!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Home. . .

Is where the heart is.

It has been ridiculously hot today temperatures have been over 40 and it has left us all a little frazzled.
So I wanted something quiet and not to hot to do. I decided I was going to complete one of the projects that has been waiting to be done for sometime through sheer 'it's easy it can wait' ness. 
These pretty hearts were sent out to me by a good friend after we moved to Germany from the UK. The letters were left over from a scrap booking session and the ribbon was salvaged  from a beautifully wrapped present my son was given for his birthday. 
I have been meaning to make this 'bunting' since I was sent the hearts. I have had two of the photos put aside especially and been keeping an eye out for others to add. 
We have with parents and a special friends little boy at our wedding, good friends wedding, graduation, great nanny and no1 son as a baby, good friends at our wedding and the mother in law at her wedding to step dad with other great nan. 
It fills up the space above my kitchen sink brilliantly as we have a very high ceiling and quite a low window.
So that was my hot afternoon. What have you been up to?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rats, rats, rats

Follow the rats. . . 

Eat the rats. . . 

Watch the rats. . . 

Pied Piper with rats. . . 
In case you hadn't figured it out for yourself yet we went on a trip to Hameln today. The town the Pied Piper of Hamelin visited in Germany. It's about an hours drive from our house and we thought it would be a good day out for the holidays. The boys loved it. We saw many many rats and the sun shone all day. 
I hope you are all enjoying the summer too. What are you up to?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cracked it!

To be able to write and red posts properly I need to use Google chrome. I wish someone had said that earlier!!
SO I am a little behind with things what with not being able to get this to post for months properly. 
For the Make a Month I very boringly made another bunny rabbit in June. I have two boys and they both wanted one so here is bunny number two. Orange is his favourite colour, he choose the wool for the bunny!
Then in July I carried on with the around the house theme and made number two son a cot bed quilt. It was my first attempt at quilting with proper materials and I was really pleased with the end result!
In July we also celebrated a couple of birthdays in our house.
The first was Hubby. He was 33 and after a few evenings playing dominoes with my brother and sister in law on our guest house trip in Poland. I thought a domino cake would be just the thing.
The second 3 days later was number one son. He was 4 and wanted a pirate cake. The children at his party loved it and all went home full of far too much sugar!
We spent a week in Poland with my brother and his family. This was the first night after we arrived at the lake down the road. (Bumpy gritty sandy track). It was a wonderful week. The boys and their two cousins also boys and just older than them all had a fantastic week together and enjoyed days in the lake and the sun. It was not somewhere I considered as a holiday spot before but my brother and his family go there quite often so we joined them this year and it was definitely somewhere we would consider going back to. 
There were lots and lots of these and the boys loved spotting them on all the roofs and poles as we drove around. 
It's now the school holidays and number 1 son starts proper school in September. We need to book him in on the bus and buy his uniform. I can't believe he is ready for school already. He is very excited about getting a new school bag and lunch box and going on the bus with his friends. I know the bus will be fine and is accompanied by adults who supervise the children but he looks so small compared to the other children!
I will leave you with this picture of hubby and number 2 son fishing in the second lake we stayed at.