Friday, 24 August 2012

Bag bags bags. . .

I have been having a sort out in preparation for a car boot sale at the weekend. The last time I had a table at a car boot I didn't actually make that much but it was a day out. This time I have been coerced into sharing a pitch with a friend who didn't want to spend the day alone.
Isn't it funny how much 'STUFF' you find that you really don't want or need when you start looking. Old children's clothes, adult clothes, nik naks, all those things you put to one side just in case and 5 years later just in case still hasn't happened.
I am hoping that the weather will hold out, and that people will come in their droves and buy all my clutter leaving me with nothing to take home at the end of the morning. In reality it will prob' pour with rain and if we are lucky we will scrap the cost of the pitch but I am being optimistic and hoping for the former.
Where on earth did I even manage to find a box of Tomy track - we have never played with it - I think it was given to us but the boys just weren't interested - they preferred the wooden track and they still love it!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog! It is so cute. I am excited to come back and look at more of the cute things you are making. This weekend I am making bread- it's the best recipe, I am posting it on my blog soon:

  2. I had good intentions of having a car boot sale the other day. Then the forecast was rain, so I thought either I have this stuff lying around gathering dust, until the next time I can do a boot sale, or I take it all to the charity shop. Well I am looking forward to receiving my Gift Aid letter saying how much they managed to raise. The thing is it just felt very cathartic getting rid of all the bits.

    Have fun with your boot sale though.

    1. It rained on us! But I came home with 50+ € for the pot so not all bad. :o)


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