Monday, 13 June 2016

The end of MMM#16 AND The Everyday's a Party dress because when you're three every day is.

I never got around to finishing off the post about Me Made May mainly because my sons helped me tidy one day and I haven't found the laptop charger since. I have managed to resurrect the old one until we find it though and it is very slow but it works.
So I found that I didn't wear as much Me Made as perhaps I could have but I then realised that I had worn Me Made pyjama bottoms and underwear in the last week, so I didn't feel so bad.
I did find there were a few warmer days in June that I wore some dresses and skirts but May was a bit of a flop really.
The downside of the laptop situation is I can't see my photos so I have to hope I have the right one. For that reason I am not sharing pictures of the outfits worn but I am adding a picture of this little beauty I made over the weekend. I am calling it the 'Everyday's a Party' dress.
In the spirit of  'Buying Nothing New' I didn't buy the cute cow fabric my daughter loved and I went through my stash and found this organic cotton from Birch Fabric, there is now none left. It came in a bundle I bought last year. The lining for the bodice was gifted to me and the sash and band are form a set of pillow cases we bought but turned out to be the wrong colour. I knew they would come in handy for something. I love it.