Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Olaf has landed.

Way way back in the summer sometime I pre ordered some Olaf flannel. I then clean forgot about it until October. It took forever to get here but it was completely worth the wait. It's lovely and soft and so much fun. I only wish I had ordered more now as it's such a lovely fabric.
Anyway today I finally got around to cutting it and now the small boys in the house have matching Olaf house trousers, not pajamas as such as they will get worn around the house as comfy bottoms too. Especially by number two who broke his leg last week and needs easy comfy clothes for his full leg cast. Though number one put his on and promptly fell asleep on the settee.
Madam didn't miss out as I also bought a small piece of pink flannel with deep pink swirls and silver snowflakes on. She had a fit when I took hers off to shorten them a couple of inches. I am pleased with the results for both. The boys were made from the CKC free pattern on Fabric.com and little Misses were from a Burda pattern I had pre cut ages ago and not gotten around to using. I think I cut it before we moved and then moving sort of took over as it does.
I had a quick tidy up of the craft space this evening, while I was banished from the living room for hubby's wrapping, and then sat down to make and went blank, but the place looks neater now for next time. I think am going to spend the rest of the evening with a book. 
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sewing for pleasure

I bought the Peppermint Swirl dress pattern ages ago. And it has been on my to do list ever since. After visiting my very good friend this weekend and seeing the one she made recently I decided it really was time to get on with it. It's not finished but it's on it's way, sewing time is limited with a small person with a full leg cast on and another small person who has had a high temperature for a day or two. Then of course the smallest person who wants to 'help Mummy'.
However I am pleased with today's progress, and it sewed a lot faster than I expected.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Season of Joy

This will be our first Christmas in another new house. We have put up the tree and the children have decorated it. They loved getting out their decorations and choosing a special spot for each one, even our not quite 2 year old was busy putting hers on and she did it without help. The tradition in our house is each year they are allowed to choose a new decoration, sometime Granny buys them all one too and sometimes they ask to spend their pocket money on one. After Christmas they are wrapped carefully and put away in their own bags so next year they are all ready to start again. There are only 2 decorations they are not allowed to touch, a wooden angel on a rocking horse my Grandmother gave me and a glass angel my Mother gave me. I love that our tree is in fact their tree, the tree was actually bought the first year my husband and I were together, when Focus still existed and gave you a new home owners card, it was a bargain and some of the baubles are from that year too. 
This year we have some salt dough additions from preschool and a few homemade bits.
The great thing about the children choosing their decorations is the diversity of our decorations, they include among others a brontosaurus, two dragons and a unicorn. Why not after all?!

We have just had a visit from some good friends and it has left me feeling very Christmassy, the fact we have to go on the school run tomorrow is not filling me with excitement. I think I might have to let the Mr go as he is now on annual leave and do some baking instead. 

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

This and That

The good thing about a blog is it doesn't have to follow post to post. One thing one week, another next time and no one minds at all. Saying that I will just say that all small people are very happy now Daddy is home again and have been having a lovely weekend so far.
SO what's new?
This 'Izzy' is one I ran up yesterday. Someone was very excited by it this morning and wanted it on over her pyjamas before we were up and about properly. The fabric was from Lisa's in Rheda, near Gutersloh in Germany. It's almost the last of my German stash which makes me a bit sad. We will just have to go back and visit for a fabric top up.
We are still waiting for our living room furniture to arrive hence the dinning chairs in the living room. It's now coming on the 3rd December. I am looking forward to sitting on real settees rather than hard chairs and bean bags. It's going to be like Christmas come early for us as we have been waiting since August when we moved in.
Not much more to tell today. I have made some new clothes but I need to get the camera out when I am in them and then I can share a few pictures.
How's your weekend going?

Monday, 17 November 2014

And then my heart broke . . . again.

Last night was a tough one. Daddy has been away for a little over a week with no contact. The boys have been coping pretty well considering and we even had a takeaway night on Saturday and ventured to the shops on Sunday. But then yesterday afternoon young madam started screaming uncontrollably. She clung to me like a limpet, I could have let her go and she wouldn't have fallen. We did all the usual, changed nappy, took temperature, had half a dose of calpol as teeth were potentially the problem and eventually decided to try for a nap, which turned into an early night. This just left the boys, we ate tea together, tidied away toys and sat down to play a game before bedtime. All was going well, bedtime was fairly straightforward and quiet so as not to wake the little madam and we had our story and settled down.
Later I went up to check on them and number 2 son was sobbing uncontrollably into his pillow, he was heartbroken. He misses Daddy, he wants him to come home now. He didn't come down to tell me as he was supposed to be asleep. Lots of cuddles and reassurance that Daddy would be home for the weekend and things seemed OK. I felt awful however and just wanted to wrap him in my arms and let him sleep on me.
10 mins later and I had to check on them again and number 1 son was in tears this time, he can't live without Daddy and he wants all the badness so everyone else has the goodness. It took a few minutes to fathom that all the badness is missing Daddy, having bad dreams, feeling sad all the 'bad' a small boy can think of. This truly tipped me over the edge. We had lots more cuddles and even a conversation about how lucky we are Daddy is coming home as lots of Daddies can't. And eventually everyone was settled. Apart from me of course who was now a wreck myself.
Hot chocolate and a good film went some way to helping but I really can't wait for the weekend.
And that's me for now. More cheerful news next time I hope. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Armistice Day - Reflect and Remember

The Army Air Corps Collect

Almighty God, who maketh the clouds Thy chariots, and who walketh upon the wings of the wind; have mercy on all who serve in the Army Air Corps: that they may have Thy guidance in all their work on land and in the air; and in their moment of need, they may have the assurance of Thy presence with them: and find Thy hand to support and strengthen them; through Jesus Christ our Lord  

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Seasonal Sewing and something for me.

I have been trying a few new patterns out recently. Trying to expand my sewing skills. The first is a Halloween themed Hummingbird Dress from Rabbit Rabbit Creations. It was pretty easy to sew but I made the mistake of assuming the age 2 would fit my 22 year old and it did but only just. She won't be keeping it for next year that's for sure. The fabric was 2 euro a meter last year in Tedox for a cape and pinny dress. This was the left overs. So the meter has done well.

The second is the Izzy top from Climbing the Willow. I love this pattern. The age 2 fits with room to grow. This fabric was from a Facebook selling page. I saw it and knew I needed it for a Christmas Izzy. It has yet to be worn but now we are into November it is going to be coming out of the drawer.

 Finally is the not quite finished Bebe dress by Serendipity. I bought the fabric from a shop in a village near us called Hansons. It had lots of choice and this was on the sale shelf. Turns out it wasn't in the sale but you can't win them all. I should have added length to the dress as it's a bit short but I think now it's done I will add a band, probably in a deep chocolate brown as there is brown in the paisley. I just need to find the right stuff.

So that's what I have been making recently. I also have a stack of projects to get on with. I have unpacked the moving crate behind the dummy since taking the picture. It had all my beads and things in and now I am drawn to making some jewellery. Maybe some simple earrings. I am not sure yet. My small people are always eager to help when beads are concerned.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Starting Over . . . Again.

I have been pretty quiet on here for a while as we have been rather busy with things like moving to another country with three small children in tow. Finding new schools, Dr's, the local supermarket, library, town centre and the best place to get a quick cup of tea. Not to mention the unpacking and reorganising of ones belongings, there always seem to be odd bits left over. Where do they all come from?
Anyway in the first week I think I went five different ways to preschool and got lost twice on the way to school. Saying that our new school is so much nicer that the school we left behind I don't mind so much the getting lost. My little one is so much happier here, he talks about school everyday, he loves after school club and he has made friends with the boys in his class. Preschool is working out pretty well too, we have new best friends and plans to grow up and be farmers together. There is something to be said for being much closer to the countryside. We drive past a dairy farm on the way to school and have been known to stop and have the windows licked. The children love it.
They are hard to capture from a phone in the car.
I have to admit to finding it much harder to adjust myself, in the beginning the middle one would ask things like 'I think I am really naughty Mummy, is that why I can't see Edward and my friends at preschool now and have a new preschool' I was in tears a lot. The school playground was also a new experience for me, in three weeks four people spoke to me. I missed my friends and neighbours. It's still an uphill scramble but things are starting to look easier.
Lets hope after half term everything falls into place.
So that's me. How about you?

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Flutter by . . . It's a Good Deed wrap. . .

Since I first found out about the Good Deeds dress I have wanted to turn it into a wrap dress but I have never been brave enough. I think I made my first Good Deed at least a year ago now. I can't even remember what fabric it was made from, it has been and gone from the smallest munchkins wardrobe.
Recently however I have become a bit braver when it comes to altering patterns, just children's not adults, far too complicated for now any way. I made a pinafore from a button up back dress and added a pocket, I used a party dress bodice and a plainer skirt to make a fun everyday dress and today I finally decided I was brave enough to attempt the Good Deed wrap. I love this fabric, I bought it from a Dutch market stall holder at a fabric market in Rheda, Germany recently. Isn't it gorgeous!?

I was really pleased with my finished result. I am hoping it is going to fit after all the time I put into it, she was in bed before I could check. I tried to remember to take some photos as I went along so if you wanted you could have a go too.
To start with you need the Good Deed pattern in your chosen size and a basic circle skirt pattern, (there are loads on the internet, I can't remember which I used but here is one), for the corresponding waistline. Lots of bias binding in a contrasting colour, and your usual sewing notions. I used a pattern I had already made but failed to account for the waist the skirt would have had, hence mine is a little short. Make sure your skirt length is where you want it before cutting.
I was making for a 2 year waist so I was able to fold my fabric in half and in half again and cut out my circle. I then cut another 1/4 circle. While the full circle is still folded make a straight cut along one fold so you have and opening. You are going to sew the quarter circle and the full circle together. I forgot to take a photo of this stage but it's fairly simple. If you had to cut sections to make your circle sew all of them together leaving one opening.
You will need to round off your corners, I used a child's bowl to do mine, a cup or plate would work equally well. Now you can put your skirt to one side and work on the bodice.
First you will need to cut two fronts one facing left, one facing right and one back. You will put right sides together and join both sides at the shoulder seams.
You can now bias bind around the arm holes. You can also do this at the end but I personally find it easier to do it now. (My pictures don't show this as I was making it up as I went along but I promise this is easier). Next you will join the side seams. On the left side of the dress join the side seam top to bottom however on the right you will need to leave a gap in the seam for the binding tie to go through. I did forget to photograph this bit but you gap need to be slightly bigger by a couple of mm than the binding. My binding was about 1/4 of an inch when folded so I made my hole just bigger then that. Sew down from the top to the top of your gap and remember to reverse to strengthen the gap. Then sew from the bottom of your gap to the bottom of the seam. I hope this has all made sense. Sorry for the lack of photo.
The next step is to attach the skirt to the bodice. Fold the bodice and the skirt in half and line up the centre back with the centre of the skirt, right side to right side. Pin from the centre out on both sides, you may find the bodice is a bit longer than the skirt which is fine as the dress pattern is designed to go underarm to underarm but we don't need that. Sew the skirt to the bodice and trim the excess bodice in a straight line up from the skirt. It shouldn't be a lot. I only did this for an age 2/3 I hope the ratio's work the same as the sizes change.
I trimmed the neckline slightly at this stage so the ends of the bodice were slightly slimmer than for the original dress and then comes the longest part. Adding the bias. Start from the top edge of one side or your dress and work around to the other side. Then remembering to allow enough to tie the dress more on the side that will wrap around the body sew bias tape up and around the neckline and down the other side.
And there you have it your very own Good Deed wrap.

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Sorbetto Story

One of the first things I made for myself was the Sorbetto top. I wasn't 100% happy with it when I made it last Summer I wore it once or twice and it went to live at the bottom of the pile. I made a sort of promise to myself that I would wear the things I made and dug it out thinking maybe I would change the bias binding. However I had in the meantime lost some post baby weight so first I took in the sides about an inch. I gave it a trial run and I was in LOVE!
I now love how the yellow contrasts with the blue and makes it pop. So I decided to make another in some fabric left from an Anna dress I made. (More on the Anna's another time). This time I bound the bottom rather than turning it and made the full size pleat. The top was huge I adjusted the darts to the size 6 pattern and took in the sides loads.
When I had done I realised the darts were wonky so I had to unpick one and re do it. but it worked out OK I thought. 
My final one I re drew the pattern from a 12 to a 4. I was a little unsure about this but the size said it would work so I went ahead and trusted the pattern. I made an error with the material estimation, (I am using up my stash as we are moving), and I had to make it up without the pleat but I didn't think it would matter too much. I also found there was a small fault in the fabric on the back piece and it has a mark on it but this was from a coop buy ages ago last year sometime I think so just went ahead and got on with the top. I biased this rather than hemming again to keep the length. I didn't want it riding up above my jeans.
I was really pleased with my elephant line, they seem to be walking quite straight. Oh and the size 4, perfect fit. I think my flowery one is my favourite but I do like all of them and shall probably be making more. Possibly with other alterations. I have seen collars, piping, all sorts.
Have you made the Sorbetto? How did yours turn out?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Upside down pants or trousers as we would call them

Well I thought I would be productive while the little madam was sleeping and decided to use a remnant from another project to run her up a quick pair of trousers using the Dana Made It tutorial.
It was all going well until I realised as I cut into the fabric that I had not allowed for the directional fabric. However as she is 18 mths and I had already started I decided I was just going to go ahead and make them anyway. I don't think they actually look too bad considering and she won't notice. I still need to add the elastic which I will do after she wakes and I can measure her for size. I have decided that they will henceforth be known as the upside down trousers. 
How about you? Any recent blunders in your crafting escapades?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lazy days holiday.

Today we went for a walk to a Garden centre we discovered by accident and then on to a bakers which was very disappointing compared to the one on the corner and then spent a lazy afternoon playing in the garden and finally sitting down to watch the Lego Movie.
While the small people were playing in the garden I thought I would try and finish some current projects. You may remember I showed you some fabric I pre cut in my last post. Today I made the first of the shirts.
I was quite pleased with the finished item as I didn't use the instructions and winged it. (It's the Lily Bird Summer Shirt). The only thing is I used Kam snaps instead of buttons and I wasn't concentrating and put the bottom one on too close to the next one. But it is perfectly wearable and I have a happy 'customer' in the shape of number 1 son.
The fabric was from the stofemarkt we went to in Rheda recently, I have the green one to be getting on with for number 2 son but also a top for myself that just needs bias around the arms.
I also made some pretty bunting for my friends gazebo. We were talking about gardens and things on our walk and she mentioned bunting. I thought as we are leaving soon it would make part of her goodbye gift.
It's all leftovers from a Higgs and Higgs bundle that was bought to decorate a friends daughters bedroom. It didn't take long but it's effective and I hope she will like it.
What's on your project pile?

Friday, 1 August 2014

Monkeys and Angry Birds - Well why not it's Friday after all.

I am supposed to be packing as our really rather wonderful life in Germany is sadly coming to an end very soon. We knew it wouldn't be forever but we were hoping for an extra year. However things were reorganised and we are all off back to the UK in the coming weeks. Our own move is towards the end of the month, a lot of people are going this weekend and early next week.
Anyway I can't pack as the boxes are in the attic and the door to the attic is in the small girls bedroom and the small girl is having a nap. It is baking today, I don't blame her, probably one of the cooler rooms.
So while I was pondering what to do I caught sight of my 'to do' pile and thought I would get on cutting out some things ready to sew later.
They are all 'orders' from my boys. No 1 son has asked for an orang monkey shirt and No 2 son has asked for a green one. The Angry Birds Star Wars is also a shirt for No 2 son, I have another from a different Angry Birds Star Wars fabric to cut for his best buddy. They are going to be leaving buddy gifts to each other. Buddy's Mum is hoping to come and help sew them. She is a sewing novice but I think we can get her sewing before I have to leave.
What have you been up to this rather warm afternoon?

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cake, cake and more cake. . . Oh and a minion

I know I said I was going to share some sewing photos with you next time I visited but I have been doing rather a lot of baking the last few days and I thought I would share a few pictures with you while it was fresh in my mind.
This first cake was for my husband's 35th birthday.
He had said not to worry about a cake for him but the boys are at that age when a birthday involves a cake or it's not a proper birthday. They loved it, husband loved it and the 18th month old loved it. As we have so much cake at this time of year I took a large slice, (almost half the cake), to our good friends up the road. Their boys were quite excited by it. We got to talking about cake and I dug out a picture of the first cake I made my husband, 8 years ago now.
He was a groundie back in those days so it seemed fitting.
But back to the current baking, our oldest munchkin turns 6 on Tuesday and is having his party tomorrow. He requested a minion bowling. Nothing complicated about that at all. . . 
We decided we would attempt a rainbow cake, our colour selection wasn't great but it's not too bad.

This is him after the 22nd interruption from one or other of the children. We gave up at this point and took them to a friends barbecue for a couple of hours.
And here he is finished. Minus his bowling ball which is not quite finished but not far off. Needs it's finger holes and it's number 6. There is going to be a lot of cake going spare as we only have one lane booked which is for eight children.
I am pleased with him, he is by no means perfect but he is homemade with love and a little bit of stress.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sewing blunders and new creations.

I had the in-laws this weekend so I wasn't able to sew at all for five days. I really missed it, more I think because I couldn't. 
So last night I thought I would whip up a quick pinafore dress for the smallest munchkin from some owl baby cord I had picked up at the Stoffmarkt the weekend before. There was just enough to squeeze in a pattern I had traced previously. Unfortunately I had forgotten to write the place of origin on it so had no instructions. I added a facing to my pieces for the front and back knowing that would be necessary and sewed the facing on to the two pattern pieces before sewing the back and front together. This all worked out really well and I was feeling very pleased with myself until I realised there must have been more to the original pattern. The shoulders were clearly meant to have been sewn together and an opening left somewhere around the neck to get the head in. However I managed to bodge it by adding two Kam snaps as closures at the top of the straps and I even managed to squeeze a couple of pockets for the front out of the last scraps of fabric.
Not the best picture I know but it gives you an idea. I am going to go on a little web search for the original pattern and I will let you know what went wrong.
My second blunder occurred today when I thought I would run the oldest munchkin up a pair of shorts. His little brother has all his old ones and a pair I made him, whereas he seems to be down to two pairs I made one last summer and one earlier this summer and a cut off pair of jeans which had a hole in both knees. Not ideal when we are having highs of 30+ to 40+ regularly. I found an off cut from a bag we made his best friend and decided that it would be a pretty nifty pair of shorts. I used the Simple Shorts pattern from Designs by Moo. It is very simple as it suggests and I have it pre cut in age 4 and 6 in my pattern file. I decided that as the material I was using was a bit thicker than the last time I sewed this pattern I would use the age 6 pattern but the age 5 length to suit the fabric better. I don't think it's quite right for bermuda length. I whiped up the shorts pretty quickly as I no longer need to refer back to the original instructions and I even added a back pocket to make them different form my last make. I was feeling quite pleased with my quick make until I realised I had sewn up the back pocket when I was doing the waist casing. I had thought I had lowered the pocket enough but not quite. I unpicked it and re sewed the casing and the shorts are now safely in his cupboard but it was my second blunder in as many days.
I forgot to take a picture of the shorts before putting them away but here is a picture of the fabric to give you an idea of the result. A little bit geeky maybe but he liked them when I showed him the finished result.
Now lets hope the next project goes a little more smoothly. I shall be back soon to show you the bag and cushion we made as a leaving gift for a best friend and the gifts for middle munchkins Frog class mates.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

We can't change the world but maybe we can change a little corner of it.

Yesterday there was a fun day at our Naafi Max. The fun day was organised by one of the mid wives and the Gambian community here to raise money and donations for a children's hospital in Gambia. They are hoping to fill trucks with supplies for the hospital they are sponsoring.
Initially I thought great an afternoon of organised entertainment for the children while hubby is away makes my life easier. I had a rummage and put a bag of old baby clothes, some bottles, bibs, blankets and bits to one side. Then my son asked what I was doing and I explained to him about the hospital and the children who didn't have anything and the fun day and he and his brother, (age 5 and 3), went off upstairs and asked me to come too. They went through every drawer and cupboard and filled 4 large carrier bags with toys, books, games, puzzles and soft teddies. My 3 year old wanted to make sure there were things for babies and choose some things especially. I asked them repeatedly "Are you sure you don't have to give away anything you don't want to?" My sons reply was "Mummy they don't have anything and we have lots of things". I was completely humbled by their approach especially my 3 year old who really is too young to have much concept of the greater world. When we went to the fun day and gave them the bags they boys carried their two bags each they stumbled a bit and almost dropped them but they did it themselves and they were rewarded with a big thank you from the men filling the truck.
We played on the bouncy castle and had sweets and glitter tattoos, we threw sponges to soak people and we sampled Gambian dishes and then I spoke to the mid wife organising it who was my mid wife with my daughter. She told me about the hospital and the children there, the children playing outside naked as there were no clothes, the babies taken home in rags because there was nothing else. She was so passionate about the appeal that it must have rubbed off a little on me. I came home and when the children were settled I started sewing. It's not much but I plan to make more today. The fabric came from curtains I was given. I need to look in the attic as I am sure I have some blue I could use too for little shorts. I know it's not much in the great scheme of things but if just a few children have something rather than nothing it's surely making a difference somehow. And I am sure the boys toys will help bring smiles to many faces too.
If there is anyone reading this please take a moment to think how lucky you are. You have internet connection, a pc/laptop and you can read. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Polka Dots and Pinnys

I was feeling a little creative yesterday so I thought I would do a spot of making.
We started with chocolate fairy cakes which the children devoured before I had a chance to think about icing. Then I cut and and stitched two nappy covers for summer but I need to get the elastic. I made three for my daughter a while back but have since realised I need more. I followed this up with a bib for a soon to be born bundle of joy who I thought couldn't live with out a fleecy Hungry Caterpillar bib.
But to finish my spur of enthusiasm I made this rather cute skirted half apron. It's for a friend who said she needed a new apron with a full skirt. I made it up as I went along which seems to suit my method of sewing well. I am really pleased with it though in hindsight I should have lined the pocket up with the polka dots on the apron itself. And luckily she is too.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A sad day for all.

Today was an especially sad day for the Army Air Corps 'family'. It's a fairly small unit and I think it's fair to say that if you haven't met someone yourself one of your colleagues probably will have.
Tucking your children up without Daddy there to say goodnight is never an easy thing to do especially when they are young and don't really understand time. Later means anything from 10 mins to 3 weeks. Yesterday is something that happened in the past. But tonight as I tucked them up alone I was thankful that their Daddy is coming home. That he will be back to kiss them all goodnight in due course. It wont be tomorrow, or that day when we can have a movie night when we don't go to pre-school but none the less he is coming home.
My heart goes out to the families who today saw their loved ones coming home for the last time. 
Please be thankful all of you for what you have and take a moment to think of those who are not so lucky.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More Cottage Love

In my last post I shared a dress from The Cottage Mama which I had made for my daughter. The Party Dress. It is still a little big so she has yet to wear it but it has been greatly admired. It is a lovely pattern.
So I decided to have a look at what else I might find over on The Cottage Mama page and it is chock full of tutorials and patterns.
After the success of the first dress I thought I would try the Picnic Dress. It seemed fairly straightforward looking at the instructions. It had a bit of trim and a ruffle but all very straightforward other than that.
I had some Fabricland Swallows I had put aside and this seemed the perfect time to use it. I found some salvaged ric rac in the sewing box which was perfect for the trim.
The pattern was very simple and the gathering technique worked a treat. I will certainly be remembering that one. I should really have pressed the material before I started the project but I am impatient.
And here it is.
I have got to say I love this pattern too. It was really straightforward and used up less than a meter for the age 2 pattern. It has also been greatly admired and I don't think it will be too long before madam fits into it. I shall definitely be using it again with some more of my stash. Perhaps with a contrasting ruffle next time.
Happy Easter.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Now we need a party to go to.

My Aunt sent me a huge box of her off cuts earlier this year and I have been dipping into it now and again. My daughter has a new skirt and some new shorts and my son's doll has a pillow and a cover with dinosaurs on it. There was a beautiful bit of broderie anglaise in cream and it was calling out party dress to me. But there wasn't quite enough to do anything with. Then I spotted a bit of red for sale on a Facebook fabric de-stash site. £4 for around a meter of fabric, I looked and looked and finally gave in and I am really glad I did.
The pattern is a free Party Dress pattern from The Cottage Mama which you get if you sign up for the newsletter. 

After making the main body I realised I had managed to sew the shoulders to themselves not to each other but I managed to rectify that. I was quite pleased with my top stitching too. But I didn't have enough of the cream from my Aunt for the sash the pattern comes with. However I remembered receiving some free self cover buttons with a magazine at some point so I dug them out and had a go. I am really pleased with the result. They are so easy to do and I imagine I will buy more for future projects. I hope they come in different sizes too. Something I need to look into.
I pondered the sash for a while and decided the best thing to do was to wing it. I actually prefer this method of sewing though I know it's always better to measure. And considering my methods are a little unorthodox at times I was really pleased with the result. I really needed a tiny bit more fabric as it probably wont make a bow but it does finish the dress off perfectly. I shall definitely use this pattern again.
This is the completed dress in age 3. A little big but madam is already getting too tall for her 18mth clothes and we are only at 15mths.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

A new dress and a lovely tutorial.

Not for me but for the smallest munchkin. I bought the Tweet fabric a while back now with the idea of using it to make a dress. And I finally had the guts to cut into it yesterday. I paired it up with some more Tweet fabric for coordinated sleeves. I bought both fabrics from Rachel over at Rooftop Fabrics. I have a bit of a fabric habit and I do love the things she has in stock. :)
For my birthday last week hubby bought me a lovely BIG cutting mat and a longer ruler. I trimmed the bottom border from the fabric as this would have made my fabric too long. I had had in mind an idea for a peasant type dress and then I found this tutorial at Sew Like My Mom which was a perfect base for me.
I made the dress shorter in length as my daughter is only 1 and I shortened the sleeves an inch as she needs to grab things easily still. I didn't add the elastic waist as I wanted more of a tunic than a dress but I think I will make another and will try adding it.
I was really pleased with the finished item. Now for her to get over her horrid cough/cold and give us a go modelling it.
I am currently working on a shirt for number 1 son and then I think I will try another dress. The best thing about this was it was so simple I could get it done in a morning.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Love love love. . .

I have discovered a new blog. Well it's not new but it's new to me. And I love it. http://dollyclackett.blogspot.co.uk/
Lots and lots and lots and lots of fabulous dresses. I need to learn to do this. She makes it look so easy, here's one I ran up on Sunday afternoon. I am so look jealous but I have a dummy on order so I am going to give it a go though I don't think you will be seeing anything quite as awesome as Roisin has created however.
Here is my most recent creation. Seat belt covers for a good friend.