Friday, 8 August 2014

The Sorbetto Story

One of the first things I made for myself was the Sorbetto top. I wasn't 100% happy with it when I made it last Summer I wore it once or twice and it went to live at the bottom of the pile. I made a sort of promise to myself that I would wear the things I made and dug it out thinking maybe I would change the bias binding. However I had in the meantime lost some post baby weight so first I took in the sides about an inch. I gave it a trial run and I was in LOVE!
I now love how the yellow contrasts with the blue and makes it pop. So I decided to make another in some fabric left from an Anna dress I made. (More on the Anna's another time). This time I bound the bottom rather than turning it and made the full size pleat. The top was huge I adjusted the darts to the size 6 pattern and took in the sides loads.
When I had done I realised the darts were wonky so I had to unpick one and re do it. but it worked out OK I thought. 
My final one I re drew the pattern from a 12 to a 4. I was a little unsure about this but the size said it would work so I went ahead and trusted the pattern. I made an error with the material estimation, (I am using up my stash as we are moving), and I had to make it up without the pleat but I didn't think it would matter too much. I also found there was a small fault in the fabric on the back piece and it has a mark on it but this was from a coop buy ages ago last year sometime I think so just went ahead and got on with the top. I biased this rather than hemming again to keep the length. I didn't want it riding up above my jeans.
I was really pleased with my elephant line, they seem to be walking quite straight. Oh and the size 4, perfect fit. I think my flowery one is my favourite but I do like all of them and shall probably be making more. Possibly with other alterations. I have seen collars, piping, all sorts.
Have you made the Sorbetto? How did yours turn out?

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