Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Upside down pants or trousers as we would call them

Well I thought I would be productive while the little madam was sleeping and decided to use a remnant from another project to run her up a quick pair of trousers using the Dana Made It tutorial.
It was all going well until I realised as I cut into the fabric that I had not allowed for the directional fabric. However as she is 18 mths and I had already started I decided I was just going to go ahead and make them anyway. I don't think they actually look too bad considering and she won't notice. I still need to add the elastic which I will do after she wakes and I can measure her for size. I have decided that they will henceforth be known as the upside down trousers. 
How about you? Any recent blunders in your crafting escapades?

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