Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lazy days holiday.

Today we went for a walk to a Garden centre we discovered by accident and then on to a bakers which was very disappointing compared to the one on the corner and then spent a lazy afternoon playing in the garden and finally sitting down to watch the Lego Movie.
While the small people were playing in the garden I thought I would try and finish some current projects. You may remember I showed you some fabric I pre cut in my last post. Today I made the first of the shirts.
I was quite pleased with the finished item as I didn't use the instructions and winged it. (It's the Lily Bird Summer Shirt). The only thing is I used Kam snaps instead of buttons and I wasn't concentrating and put the bottom one on too close to the next one. But it is perfectly wearable and I have a happy 'customer' in the shape of number 1 son.
The fabric was from the stofemarkt we went to in Rheda recently, I have the green one to be getting on with for number 2 son but also a top for myself that just needs bias around the arms.
I also made some pretty bunting for my friends gazebo. We were talking about gardens and things on our walk and she mentioned bunting. I thought as we are leaving soon it would make part of her goodbye gift.
It's all leftovers from a Higgs and Higgs bundle that was bought to decorate a friends daughters bedroom. It didn't take long but it's effective and I hope she will like it.
What's on your project pile?

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