Friday, 1 August 2014

Monkeys and Angry Birds - Well why not it's Friday after all.

I am supposed to be packing as our really rather wonderful life in Germany is sadly coming to an end very soon. We knew it wouldn't be forever but we were hoping for an extra year. However things were reorganised and we are all off back to the UK in the coming weeks. Our own move is towards the end of the month, a lot of people are going this weekend and early next week.
Anyway I can't pack as the boxes are in the attic and the door to the attic is in the small girls bedroom and the small girl is having a nap. It is baking today, I don't blame her, probably one of the cooler rooms.
So while I was pondering what to do I caught sight of my 'to do' pile and thought I would get on cutting out some things ready to sew later.
They are all 'orders' from my boys. No 1 son has asked for an orang monkey shirt and No 2 son has asked for a green one. The Angry Birds Star Wars is also a shirt for No 2 son, I have another from a different Angry Birds Star Wars fabric to cut for his best buddy. They are going to be leaving buddy gifts to each other. Buddy's Mum is hoping to come and help sew them. She is a sewing novice but I think we can get her sewing before I have to leave.
What have you been up to this rather warm afternoon?

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