Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Purple Passion

Hello from Christals Creations. . .
I wanted to share one of my creations with you.
Inspired by a friends wedding I have used a deep purple for this tiara, there are so many classical colours styles on the market to choose from but my friend found it a hard to find something to match her purple dress.

I'm considering making more tiaras and hair pins in other colours to go along with this one which is newly listed in my Folksy shop.

Now i'm off to the workbench. Good Night.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Shiny new things. . .

Well I have been having a little sort through my collection of beads and bits and I have made a few bits using up old beads that were left over from other projescts.
The first which I thought looked great fun when it was finished was this 'charm' bracelet made using up lots of glass pearls which were left from a big order late last year.

I know it's nothing particularly out of the ordinary but I loved the pastel colours.
The next piece I made was a little more sedate. I was thinking more along the bridal lines as I had some pretty freshwater pearls I had over ordered when making a christening set earlier this year.

I thought of calling it 'Something Blue'.

The picture didn't come out quite as clearly as I had hoped but I was being 'helped' by my little boy and he was very anxious I should move on to a childs lariat which he thought was much more exciting. (Maybe because I actually let him touch it, poor thing must get so tired of hearing not that one. . . )

Just for him i'll add the lariat picture, little acrylic shells knotted onto a length of sandy cord.

What have you been making recently?

Friday, 23 April 2010

Another day. . .

Well today hasn't started off great to be honest. Hubby who is supposed to be at home is now working and will be working all day, (till late, 1am late), and then will be back at work again tomorrow. So I have decided to take my son and pay a visit to the Grandparents. There has been a lot of this working when off recently. They just don't have enough manpower and 30 million squids of metal takes priority.

But rant over. The sun is shining, Granny and Grandfather have a lovely big garden suitable for loosing small people in for an afternoon so a certain small person will have lots of fun.

Also a little reminder about my 50 GIVEAWAY you just need to be an active follower and have commented/joined in a discussion on any post from the Opinions Please post right up until the closing date 30th April.

Good Luck all of you.

Christals Creations.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Caught napping. . .

I was actually thinking how sunny it was and maybe I could get some photos of the set I made last night before we go to play with little ones friend. Then said small person climbed on my lap and fell asleep. He seems very comfy and didn't stir when I sneezed so I think we're settled for a while.
At least the laptop is in reach, though I am a bit cak-handed at this angle with only left hand available. And I can't reach the remote so the lunch hour is still on. Good old Timmy Time!
It really is a glorious day out there though. Green fields, blue skies.
Hubby has gone to finish last bits on the other house as still no flying here. Not until tonight anyway. So hopefully by the end of the month that will have new tenants in and be one less thing to worry about.
I am actually beginning ache now at this odd angle so will leave you with another spring picture.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

50 Giveaway. . .

So I have been having a ponder on my 50 followers giveaway. I couldn't decide quite what to do to 'celebrate' reaching my first followers target.
After some browsing of my already made collection I have decided that I am going to do a bit of a suprise giveaway.
All I will tell is there will be at least 2 items of jewellery and also a small stash of various crafting bits.
To enter I am making it nice and simple - you must be an active follower of my blog.
By this I mean you actually need to comment/take part in discussions that occur on the blog you wont be automatically entered just because you are a follower.
I will draw the winner on April 30th.
In the meantime here is a picture of our first primrose - the beginning of spring.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Opinions please. . .

So I had a bit of a play in the garden yesterday, with the camera and tried taking some pics in the natural light.

I had two backgrounds and I wondered what you thought.

This fabric one.
Or the paper one below.
I thought the paper looked a bit stark but seems to make the jewellery stand out well.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spring Time. . .

After my slightly disappointing failure to complete my very tiny challenge I have struck back today and listed a few new items on my Folksy shop page and I have put aside a few bits for the Christals Creations web site.
Last night I sat down and made a couple of new pieces. One of which I have decided to give my friends daughter for her birthday. The other of which shall be coming soon to a website near you.

Today also saw us planting out rows of vegetable seeds in our recently dug garden patch. I am not sure how good the soil is but hopefully we shall see some results. The sweet corn and tomatoes are in pots inside waiting to shoot. Every day hubby asks are they growing yet?

I hope the weather stays like this. I would like to try taking photos outside and using the nautral light to see if I can enhance them slightly.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Not Quite. . .

Well I am a little disappointed to say I never did quite make it to the end of my 7 day challenge. Life seemed to take over. I have not yet got the hang of juggling but I am hoping it won't be too long before I do.

I am working on tidying my spare room/jewellery room and hoping that when my things are more ordered i'll be a bit more ordered too!

I am going to be off now but I shall leave you with a picture of one of my favoutite FOLKSY items.