Thursday, 22 April 2010

Caught napping. . .

I was actually thinking how sunny it was and maybe I could get some photos of the set I made last night before we go to play with little ones friend. Then said small person climbed on my lap and fell asleep. He seems very comfy and didn't stir when I sneezed so I think we're settled for a while.
At least the laptop is in reach, though I am a bit cak-handed at this angle with only left hand available. And I can't reach the remote so the lunch hour is still on. Good old Timmy Time!
It really is a glorious day out there though. Green fields, blue skies.
Hubby has gone to finish last bits on the other house as still no flying here. Not until tonight anyway. So hopefully by the end of the month that will have new tenants in and be one less thing to worry about.
I am actually beginning ache now at this odd angle so will leave you with another spring picture.

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