Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Opinions please. . .

So I had a bit of a play in the garden yesterday, with the camera and tried taking some pics in the natural light.

I had two backgrounds and I wondered what you thought.

This fabric one.
Or the paper one below.
I thought the paper looked a bit stark but seems to make the jewellery stand out well.

What do you think?


  1. I think they both look good, but I think I'm swaying more towards the fabric one :)
    Gorgeous bracelets!

  2. I like the texture of the fabric, but the paper has less shadows, which makes the photo clearer. I have been trying to avoid shadows in my photos, so I stand between the sun and the photo, so I actually cast a shadow over the whole item, there's still enough light to get a clear photo and no individual bead shadows. Sometimes I add in a rock, piece of slate, or flower etc to add interest to the photo, hopefully without detracting from the item.

  3. I like the fabric one best but I think the paper would be better if you were using it as a sales photo because it's cleaner and as said above has less shadows.

  4. I think the paper background makes the colours stand out more and the photo look clearer.
    It's soo difficult photographing jewellery isn't it? I'm always redoing mine!

  5. Thank you people. . . All taken into consideration and today there is no sun! lol.


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