Friday, 23 April 2010

Another day. . .

Well today hasn't started off great to be honest. Hubby who is supposed to be at home is now working and will be working all day, (till late, 1am late), and then will be back at work again tomorrow. So I have decided to take my son and pay a visit to the Grandparents. There has been a lot of this working when off recently. They just don't have enough manpower and 30 million squids of metal takes priority.

But rant over. The sun is shining, Granny and Grandfather have a lovely big garden suitable for loosing small people in for an afternoon so a certain small person will have lots of fun.

Also a little reminder about my 50 GIVEAWAY you just need to be an active follower and have commented/joined in a discussion on any post from the Opinions Please post right up until the closing date 30th April.

Good Luck all of you.

Christals Creations.

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  1. It's so annoying when the men have to work and we want them to be off isn't it? Hope you have a lovely afternoon with the grandparents :)


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