Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bead Soup Party Time. . .

It's finally here. The day we've all been waiting for. The Bead Soup Blog Party.
Organised by the amazing Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things.
An amazing 362 people took part from all around the world. For a full list of participants please visit the Bead Soup Blog Party Participant List.
My particular soup was sent all the way from Wisconsin by the lovely Michelle of Life in the Bead Lane. She has a great blog and her own bead shop. Please do pop over and pay her a visit.
A quick reminder of what I received before I show you what I have created from my delicious soup.
These were the main soups. Yes not one but two. I was truely spoilt.
I loved these beads when I opened the package. They were very tactile and awfully pretty. When I initially sat down with a head full of ideas I will admit I became a little frustrated, nothing came out the way I expected but with a couple of nights of no beading I came back fully refreshed and created no less than 9 items from my stash. This left me with a few beads, a couple which were surplas to the pattern I created and the teardrops which didn't quite fit even though I tried to add them 3 or 4 times. I was thinking that I may add them to some Xmas decs to give them a bit of pizazz. I also still have my blue bead and sari silk to use in a future project.
Green focal and two bracelets.
Though I think I have not strayed far from my style it was fun using different beads and incorporating other items I'd not used before. I love the three way rose connector but the item has turned out rather bright. I am not sure it's something I would usually go for but I have decided that I will try to wear everything I have made. The elasticated bracelet has had several outings all ready and I have plans to wear both the necklaces made with the focal pendants. I need to find a chain for the little pendant I have made before that can be shown off.

Pink focal, three way connector necklace, bracelet, pendant and two sets earrings.
I really enjoyed the challenge and the beads I was sent. So a huge thank you to both Lori for organising and Michelle for being such a great partner. It was a great event. Now I am looking forward to visiting you all to see what you received/created.


I have spent 2 and a half hours on here and after having my pictures rejected three times and computer crashing twice when I finally came to upload blogger decided to turn my entire post into complete gibberish. I am shatterd. I am close to tears and I can't do it again tonight so I really hope you don't bypass me altogether and come back later when I have slept on it and had another go. I can't understand what has happened blogger has never behaved like this with me before. :o(

Saturday, 10 September 2011

In or Out?

With all the goings on on Folksy and with not having been on there much recently I am at a loss as to whether I am allowed or not allowed anymore. I guess I shall see on the 1st November whether I am still up and running.
It has made me think though, I need to get myself in gear and have a go at getting my website sorted properly. I have started it but there is lots of work to do and I need to sort out the 'e.commerce' section as it's labelled by the host.
I have taken photos of most of the items I have which is a good start. And I do have ideas for other things coming up too.
I have also decided to 'rent a square' at Rosewill Charms for a month and will be sorting out my bits and pieces to send off this weekend and posting them on Monday. It has to be worth a shot right?! After all it never hurts to try.
I had a few friends over last night and it was fun to relax and laugh and not to worry about things. It was a gentle reminder that the people who matter are not always those you see everyday.
We are off to see my sister later and my neices with a belated present for the youngests birthday. You have seen the pictures already on a post lower down the page.
Gnoming about in Devon
Picture completely unrelated to the blog post but we saw the Gnome Reserve today on a house programme today and it made me chuckle. ;o)
Until next time peoples.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blustery days

Well it seems Autumn or is it Winter already is here to stay. More blustery days and leaves and branches well little bits of them bl;owing past the windows.
I haven't been up to much recently to be honest. I seem to be in a bit of a slump. I think caused by factors external to crafting but a slump none the less.
I think I am going to start the day well ok the middle of the morning with a quick spot of washing up and a list of things to be done. Perhaps that will help give the boost I need to get going again.
I hope you're all getting on ok and I look forward to visiting you all soon. I have read some great things from you all recently.
Take care and I hope you are not too blown about by the wind.