Saturday, 10 September 2011

In or Out?

With all the goings on on Folksy and with not having been on there much recently I am at a loss as to whether I am allowed or not allowed anymore. I guess I shall see on the 1st November whether I am still up and running.
It has made me think though, I need to get myself in gear and have a go at getting my website sorted properly. I have started it but there is lots of work to do and I need to sort out the 'e.commerce' section as it's labelled by the host.
I have taken photos of most of the items I have which is a good start. And I do have ideas for other things coming up too.
I have also decided to 'rent a square' at Rosewill Charms for a month and will be sorting out my bits and pieces to send off this weekend and posting them on Monday. It has to be worth a shot right?! After all it never hurts to try.
I had a few friends over last night and it was fun to relax and laugh and not to worry about things. It was a gentle reminder that the people who matter are not always those you see everyday.
We are off to see my sister later and my neices with a belated present for the youngests birthday. You have seen the pictures already on a post lower down the page.
Gnoming about in Devon
Picture completely unrelated to the blog post but we saw the Gnome Reserve today on a house programme today and it made me chuckle. ;o)
Until next time peoples.

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