Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Homemade Christmas

We have spent the last few days doing lots of activities with the boys. Well with the oldest really though the little one has been joining in. We've magic painted numerous Christmas scenes. Made paper chains and paper snowflakes. Cut chains of little people and are in the process of making a papier mache pinata for when 'all our friends' come on Boxing Day. That's actually my parents, older brother and sister, both inlaws and their six children, (4 and 2 respectively), my boy is very excited about this. We have made pipe cleaner candy canes and pipe cleaner decorations. My husband and I have made Christmas tree, baubles and a reindeer. My 3yr old assures me he has made baubles and snowflakes. They are very good and all hanging on our tree. We have made some felt decorations with some added sparkle from the bead and button box. It is amazing how many activities you can get through in a couple of days. We also made truffles and a gingerbread.
Garden waste!!
However my most recent activity is my current favourite. I was helped by said 3yr old. He gave me the twigs to twist.

Finished wreath
My very own Christmas wreath.
The ribbon was from my ribbon box and the adornments were from a candle wreath I made last year. Sometimes being a hoarder has it uses after all.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Treats

Marzipan Fruits
This little platter was created by a friend of mine at our Tuesday group. I didn't get a chance to make any as we were planning next term but she did make me a platter too. :o)
I have a few new items from my 'Advent Swap' and pictures that still aren't working so just to update you we have received a Christmas magic painting book, a pretty printed tea towel and a pack of christmas napkins perfect for the busy lunch we are having on boxing day.
How is everybodies Christmas preparation coming along?

Saturday, 10 December 2011

6, 7, 8, 9, 10. . .

I have been a busy girl this week with one thing and another but I have made enough time to open my advent swap gifts in the mornings with my cup of tea.
I have opened a tube of bead letters, a length of gingerbread man ribbon, a pack of paper chains with little robins on which appear to have been acquired by my children and stashed in one of their hiding places, a particularly yummy 3d chocolate father christmas chocolate and a tin of, (well I think it is, it's all in German!), vaseline or similar.
My boys and husband enjoy seeing what I open in the mornings. The little ones were both bought advent calendars by Nanny, (mother in law), and hubby has a string of stockings I bought him the first year we were together and filled with sweets and things. This year he has chocolate coins. We were also given a countdown to christmas with a 'candy cane' (made of plastic), that you move down a number everyday. No 1 son has quickly cottoned on to this and it's the first thing he does every day. Occassionally a chocolate coin has been known to pop out of the candy slot much to his delight.
Christmas is very much in evidence in our house.
Blogger however is still not letting me add pictures. Errors everytime. :o(

Monday, 5 December 2011

1,2,3. . .

goodies for me. Well 5 now actually it's been longer then I meant it to be since my last post about the swap, On day 1 I received a gorgeous lip balm. I had pictured it but blogger is refusing my pictures today. :o( Day 2 was a pretty reel of red ribbon, day 3 a sachet of mint weightwatchers hot choc which I drank that afternoon YUM, day 4 a lovely set of heart shaped biscuit cutters and today I opened a chocolate mud mask. I shall have to sneak off to the bathroom when hubby is around and try and get 10 mins to myself.
I am sorry there are no pictures to show you as soon as blogger is playing the game i'll add some pics of the next batch of goodies that come my way.
Thank you Jenny. :o)