Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Homemade Christmas

We have spent the last few days doing lots of activities with the boys. Well with the oldest really though the little one has been joining in. We've magic painted numerous Christmas scenes. Made paper chains and paper snowflakes. Cut chains of little people and are in the process of making a papier mache pinata for when 'all our friends' come on Boxing Day. That's actually my parents, older brother and sister, both inlaws and their six children, (4 and 2 respectively), my boy is very excited about this. We have made pipe cleaner candy canes and pipe cleaner decorations. My husband and I have made Christmas tree, baubles and a reindeer. My 3yr old assures me he has made baubles and snowflakes. They are very good and all hanging on our tree. We have made some felt decorations with some added sparkle from the bead and button box. It is amazing how many activities you can get through in a couple of days. We also made truffles and a gingerbread.
Garden waste!!
However my most recent activity is my current favourite. I was helped by said 3yr old. He gave me the twigs to twist.

Finished wreath
My very own Christmas wreath.
The ribbon was from my ribbon box and the adornments were from a candle wreath I made last year. Sometimes being a hoarder has it uses after all.


  1. How lovely, I have made a similar wreath, such fun to add all the bits each year x

  2. Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Happy New Year...

    Kirsti xx


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