Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Living in limbo

It has been four weeks since the movers came and packaged up our world into two sections. And we have been living in limbo ever since. We started out with a week in a chalet style self catering place with a laundry and all the basics. This was where our children attended school for the shortest period of time ever. An afternoon! 
Then we were taken to our new accommodation. It's furnished but lacks stuff. We have one pillow too few, a box of dolls lent by the neighbour who felt sorry for us and a tiny TV also on loan. We have no car and it's half term so we are starting to go a bit stir crazy. Our allowance until our own stuff arrives is a frying pan and two saucepans, not even a baking tray. But we are managing to get by and it should only be another week before we get a call to say out ship has arrived.
However we do have these beautiful views to keep us going for the time being.

I can't wait to unpack my sewing machine and craft boxes. And the children are looking forward to seeing their toys again. And the luxury of cooking with proper utensils.
Hope you are all having a grand day.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Another adventure

I know it has been forever since I posted and there is no real reason. I have been checking in on the blogs I follow and following a few new ones not on Blogspot. I keep thinking about posting and then not getting around to it. To be honest I should be doing other things right now but I thought I would take a couple of minutes just to say HI.
We are on the move again. I know, I know we bought our house not that long ago, but this is a work thing for my husband not because we don't love our cottage anymore. We do very much. We have put so much work into it I am sorry to be saying Goodbye but we are not selling it just yet. We will keep it until we come back in a few years. If we still love it it will still be ours, If we are not as enamoured we can sell it then for something new.
So we are off to Cyprus for our next adventure and the children are all very excited about it. Wobbles are starting to set in now and again, making new friends is always a worry and leaving old ones behind. But on the whole they are counting down the days until our flight. Me, well I'm wishing I could sleep until we are there. There is so much to do in the interim and it feels like time is slipping away from under me. But I suppose it will all fall into place. Well one way or another it will have to.
So that's me for now. I hope to be a bit more active when we are settled in our next home.