Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ruby or not to Ruby?

So last night I finally got around to sewing the much talked about Ruby dress. It's a Simple Sew pattern that was free with a magazine. I was gifted a copy of the pattern and I have been meaning to try it for a long time. I even bought some nice fabric to try it out on. However I ended up using fabric from the bundle I was gifted recently the zip was in that bundle too so all in all it was a 'free' sew except for my time of course. I think this is probably a good thing. It's not going to be a regular feature in my WIP pile. It's wearable and I did receive a compliment earlier today but for some reason I just can't place I'm not feeling the love for it as I have with other projects.
I don't have amazing pictures to share but here is one of the back/side.
It will be worn this summer and then we shall see.
I shall have to try and get some better photos later. On a plus side it's another day to add to my Me Made May attempt. ;)
What's on your sewing table/work bench today?

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Me Made More. . .

I had a bit of a lull in Me Made. Life kind of took over and suddenly it was almost the end of May but I did wear this outfit again at the weekend for a 1st birthday party with close friends of ours.
The quick make green skirt and the grey floral Lauren top with an H and M cardi to keep off the chill.
And today the sun looks like it might be out so I am giving this skirt it's first outing. It's the Anna hack. It goes great with another of my H and M cardi's. And a cheap vest underneath. So far I am liking it. We will see how it behaves when we are out and about shortly! 
What have you been up to recently?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Keeping the mind busy.

We are currently in the middle of selling our house back in Suffolk and while this is going on and we are over the other side of the country in Somerset I have been trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off the sale. My latest 'project' has been to use up bits of fabric. The green skirt I made was one of those makes and the blue and green shorts I made for madam's summer.
I can't remember if I showed you those so just in case I didn't here is a quick picture.
This fabric was in a bundle my aunt sent me of her off cuts. The button is from a torn pair of hubby's work trousers and the ribbon was in a huge bundle I bought years ago to make some ribbon blankets. All in all a good use of left overs and very frugal. I have enough of the fabric left to make a Suffolk puff or two to embellish a t.shirt to match. Perfect for our summer travels.
My next using up the odd bits project was a Good Deed dress. Also for madam. I am absolutely in love with this dress. The fabric combinations just worked perfectly. 
The bodice was from a bundle a Mum from school recently gave me when she downsized her house. It complimented the skirt fabric perfectly. The skirt was a half yd that I bought in a bundle last year and loved but couldn't decide quite what to do with. The bias is just off white from a roll I bought on Ebay for a few pounds which has lasted so many projects and it's finished off with some lace trimming that was free with a magazine last year or maybe even the year before that. I am really happy with the result. 
So now to find another project to keep me going a bit longer. I am not quite sure how long a sale takes but I could get a lot of sewing done at this rate. ;)
What's keeping you busy right now?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nap Time Creations

Well it seems madam has taken to having a self imposed nap in the afternoons again. This is great news for me it means I can clean and prepare tea for when the boys and hubby are home or not.
It means that yesterday I took an idea I had been playing with in my mind and turned it into a reality. I hacked the ANNA dress by BHL into a skirt. It was as easy as I imagined it to be.
I took 2 " from the top of the skirt pieces and sewed it together as normal, I replaced the zip with a 7" zip and hook and eye and then used bias tape to create the waistband. I hemmed it as usual. I am really pleased with this one. Looking forward to the end of the rain so it can get an airing.
Then in the evening I challenged myself to use one scrap/remnant. This fabric came from my aunt and there was just enough for these cute shorts for my daughter, shame about the rain, good job we have a summer holiday planned! There is just enough of the fabric left to create a puff or a flower to embellish a plain top to match.
The weather here today is dull and wet so I am not sure much will get done around entertaining the small people. But I might try and find a use for another remnant later. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MMM - 3, 4 and 5!

I have found this is becoming quite fun. On the 3rd attempt I forgot to take a picture, however as it was undies and a top I had made from a dress rather than made from scratch it wouldn't have shown as much MMM as the other pictures do.
On day 4 of my attempts I received so many compliments it really made my day. The skirt was from a piece of fabric in a large stash I was given recently, I started with a pattern and then changed my mind and winged it. Really please with the result. The top is my Lauren top, having since tried on a Sorbetto I think I might actually make more Lauren's! They fit better. The cardi is a bit big it's H and M last year but the colours went well with the rest of the clothes.
And finally day 5 is a Delphine skirt from Tilly's book which is made from a remnant of fabric left from other projects bought in Germany. The top and cardi are both from shops in Germany, Bessmans and H and M again. I think I bought three cardi's that day in different colours but they are all a little big now. 
How is your Me Made May going?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Me Made May attempt 2

After seeing everyone's posts about Me Made May and the challenges they have all set I decided I would try a bit harder to wear some Me Made. And maybe even make some more to wear. It didn't help that when I opened the drawer I realised all my jeans were in the wash after a not great week so it was skirt or dress day. I went with my favourite Anna. Well there is still one I haven't worn but my favourite so far. It was made a while ago and is now a tad big but as it's too cold to wear it alone I had a cream cardigan on hiding the excess fabric.
I bought this fabric from myfabric online when we were in Germany I also bought some similar in another shade which I might make into a skirt. It's a linen look and I love it.
Excuse the picture, I am not the best self picture taker but it does the job. I shall continue to try and uphold the idea of wearing a bit of Me Made throughout the rest of May.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me Made May

I didn't actually make an official pledge or sign up to Me Made May but I thought I would try and wear some of my Me Made items and partially join in. I am not doing fantastically well as most of my clothes are summery and the weather here has been far from that but we did get a hot few hours on Monday so I wore my recent London stash top. The Lauren top in grey floral.
It's not the most flattering of pictures but I am not big on being photographed at the best of times so a Me Made selfie is not my strong point. It was the first time I have worn the top since I made it and it actually fits a lot better than it would appear in the photo. It's not my most favourite make in the world but it will definitely get worn again when the weather is warmer.
I am hoping the wind tails off and the sun comes out a bit more this week and I can get out some of my other Me Made items.
Have any of you been trying Me Made May?