Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Keeping the mind busy.

We are currently in the middle of selling our house back in Suffolk and while this is going on and we are over the other side of the country in Somerset I have been trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off the sale. My latest 'project' has been to use up bits of fabric. The green skirt I made was one of those makes and the blue and green shorts I made for madam's summer.
I can't remember if I showed you those so just in case I didn't here is a quick picture.
This fabric was in a bundle my aunt sent me of her off cuts. The button is from a torn pair of hubby's work trousers and the ribbon was in a huge bundle I bought years ago to make some ribbon blankets. All in all a good use of left overs and very frugal. I have enough of the fabric left to make a Suffolk puff or two to embellish a t.shirt to match. Perfect for our summer travels.
My next using up the odd bits project was a Good Deed dress. Also for madam. I am absolutely in love with this dress. The fabric combinations just worked perfectly. 
The bodice was from a bundle a Mum from school recently gave me when she downsized her house. It complimented the skirt fabric perfectly. The skirt was a half yd that I bought in a bundle last year and loved but couldn't decide quite what to do with. The bias is just off white from a roll I bought on Ebay for a few pounds which has lasted so many projects and it's finished off with some lace trimming that was free with a magazine last year or maybe even the year before that. I am really happy with the result. 
So now to find another project to keep me going a bit longer. I am not quite sure how long a sale takes but I could get a lot of sewing done at this rate. ;)
What's keeping you busy right now?

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