Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me Made May

I didn't actually make an official pledge or sign up to Me Made May but I thought I would try and wear some of my Me Made items and partially join in. I am not doing fantastically well as most of my clothes are summery and the weather here has been far from that but we did get a hot few hours on Monday so I wore my recent London stash top. The Lauren top in grey floral.
It's not the most flattering of pictures but I am not big on being photographed at the best of times so a Me Made selfie is not my strong point. It was the first time I have worn the top since I made it and it actually fits a lot better than it would appear in the photo. It's not my most favourite make in the world but it will definitely get worn again when the weather is warmer.
I am hoping the wind tails off and the sun comes out a bit more this week and I can get out some of my other Me Made items.
Have any of you been trying Me Made May?

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  1. lovely top hun, thats a gorgeous floral print :) x


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