Monday, 16 May 2016

MMM#16 catch up and a little bit of sunshine

So I have to admit to not doing very well on the MMM challenge since last time I checked in with you all. I have been wearing my owl pj bottoms last week.
This material was left over from a dress my husband made me for a bet in Germany, (It's actually a great dress and has been worn on more than one occasion), it had been waiting for a project to come to me. I finally decided after sewing pyjamas for everyone else in the household I would make some for me. I used Lauren's pattern from her Learn to Sew book and was pleased with my contrasting pockets, I am the first of us to have pockets in my homemade sleepwear. I could have made the elastic an inch longer but it's OK and I love them anyway.
I have also pulled out a top which while I didn't sew it I did refashion it from a dress that didn't fit anymore. I don't have any pictures, I will have to work on that. It was a dress I bought for a wedding years ago and then I had children and it never really fitted again but I liked the fabric so I chopped it up a bit. I am not sure it entirely counts but it's all I've got this week. Now the sun seems to be out I will try and be a bit more MM next week.
As the sun has graced us this weekend we did a spot of den building in the garden.
It's not quite finished but everyone was feeling a bit tired, we had to clear around the base of the tree before hauling the branches over from the uncut log pile. But it was a lot of fun and the three smalls enjoyed it a lot.
Enjoy the sunshine. I'll see you soon.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Procrastination. . . and some MMM#16

Today is all about not doing the washing up. I washed the same dishes every day for the last week, it's really boring! So instead I have sorted out a present for madam to take to her first pre school party tomorrow and wrapped it and also wrapped a present for oldest son to take to his sleep over tomorrow. I have played on Pinterest and watched some crafting TV. I know I really ought to do the house work but it's such a nice day.
I thought I would also mention my second MMM day which was yesterday when I wore a tunic I made with fabric I bought in London last year at Knit and Stitch, well actually I think it may have been on Goldhawk Rd after Knit and Stitch I can't quite remember now.
It was my first (and only) invisible zip and I used the Willow Tunic from Serendipity. I LOVE her patterns. I own three but there are many more I would like to add to my pattern library at some point.
As I mentioned before I don't have a mirror to show you the outfit but I wore the tunic with some dark grey skinny jeans my MIL bought me last year from Monsoon, black ballet shoes and a bracelet I made several years ago which happened to match the fabric perfectly.
This is an old picture I took when I made the tunic. It's not the best picture.
I was pleasantly surprised in the playground as I had lots of compliments from people and I did enjoy being able to say I made it when they asked where it came from.
How is your sunny Friday going?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

MMM 16

I hesitantly joined in with Me Made May last year and it was a lot of fun. I haven't made an official MMM pledge this year but I am going to attempt a two to three times a week goal. I say this as most of my made clothes are summery and the weather just hasn't been playing ball recently.
The other issue is we don't have a mirror, last year we had a full length mirror in the bedroom and I used this for pictures but since moving we just have one small bathroom mirror. This doesn't effect the wearability but it does mean I won't be able to share the challenge with you pictorially.
Today I am wearing the skirt I made last year from the bags of fabric I was gifted by a school Mum with a long length purple jumper with 3/4 sleevs, faux fur body warmer and a necklace that was a free gift from Amazon for messing up on an order.
The skirt is this one.
This was from last years MMM. It's quite a heavy fabric that was I understand used as tunics for some costumes made by the mother of the lady who gave me the fabric. I loosely used the Tilly and the Buttons pattern from her book but just in shape, I scrapped the waistband and put in a lapped zip on the side. It is one of my successful hash ups, I decided in an afternoon I was going to make it and wore it on the school pick up, I had lots of compliments and I still love it now.
So that's me for today. I'll be back later in the week with another update.
I look forward to reading about what you have all been up to.