Monday, 16 May 2016

MMM#16 catch up and a little bit of sunshine

So I have to admit to not doing very well on the MMM challenge since last time I checked in with you all. I have been wearing my owl pj bottoms last week.
This material was left over from a dress my husband made me for a bet in Germany, (It's actually a great dress and has been worn on more than one occasion), it had been waiting for a project to come to me. I finally decided after sewing pyjamas for everyone else in the household I would make some for me. I used Lauren's pattern from her Learn to Sew book and was pleased with my contrasting pockets, I am the first of us to have pockets in my homemade sleepwear. I could have made the elastic an inch longer but it's OK and I love them anyway.
I have also pulled out a top which while I didn't sew it I did refashion it from a dress that didn't fit anymore. I don't have any pictures, I will have to work on that. It was a dress I bought for a wedding years ago and then I had children and it never really fitted again but I liked the fabric so I chopped it up a bit. I am not sure it entirely counts but it's all I've got this week. Now the sun seems to be out I will try and be a bit more MM next week.
As the sun has graced us this weekend we did a spot of den building in the garden.
It's not quite finished but everyone was feeling a bit tired, we had to clear around the base of the tree before hauling the branches over from the uncut log pile. But it was a lot of fun and the three smalls enjoyed it a lot.
Enjoy the sunshine. I'll see you soon.

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