Monday, 21 May 2012

Charitable Affair

This year I have decided to take part in a charitable fundraising event to raise money for the Youth Cancer Trust. 
Please pop over to their page and take a look at who they are and what they do. I hope like me you will agree they are a worthwhile cause.

So the date is yet to be confirmed but the main event is a head shave. Mine in fact.
So if YOU would like to donate to the YCT by sponsering me I would be very grateful.
You can find my Just Giving page here. 
There is also a little bit of information on the charity and why I have choosen this charity in particular.

Thank you for reading and possibly donating!

Monday, 7 May 2012

It's the little things.

I thought I would share some pictures with you today of the little things that make our house a home.

Time for Tea
 I love this little tea box. Hubby likes fruit teas and Earl Grey and I prefer  plain old Tetley's. It meant we were getting a build up of boxes on the side but I found this in Tedox for 5.50 Euro. Cleared the clutter and looks lovely on the side.
Selection of little hearts in the kitchen
The first two of these have been sent to me in swaps they are so pretty but  the third has to be my favourite.  My son choose it for Mothers Day when he went shopping with my very good friend as hubby was away at work.
Flower power
The minature roses we bought yesterday from the garden center.  They are the boys. No 1 son  favourite colour is orange and the yellow one was chosen for No 2 son by No1 son.
Hall flower
Chosen by hubby to brighten up the hallway.
Corner unit
We bought this to clear the corner a little and it looks great with a few carefully chosen ornaments on it. The elephants are from hubby's first tour in Afghanistan. The snow globe was an anniversary gift and really needs a picture in it. The cushion was from Mothers Day this year. So true! The picture is one of our favourites of the boys and the little gnomes are from our trip to the Devon Gnome Reserve last year.

My sewing machine
I am growing to love this little machine. Old though it is it does the job for me and I am hoping to actually learn how  to use all those extra stitch functions someday.
Dinosaur Grrrr
I bought this fab material from Tedox at the weekend. 4 Euro a metre and I still have over half a metre left after making the boys a cushion each. I shall be going back. There was lots of material and other bits and pieces here.
 So there you have it a little snapshot of our lives. 
I love seeing pictures of other peoples houses and decor. I find it interesting to see just how people use their spaces. So I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of ours.