Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Olaf has landed.

Way way back in the summer sometime I pre ordered some Olaf flannel. I then clean forgot about it until October. It took forever to get here but it was completely worth the wait. It's lovely and soft and so much fun. I only wish I had ordered more now as it's such a lovely fabric.
Anyway today I finally got around to cutting it and now the small boys in the house have matching Olaf house trousers, not pajamas as such as they will get worn around the house as comfy bottoms too. Especially by number two who broke his leg last week and needs easy comfy clothes for his full leg cast. Though number one put his on and promptly fell asleep on the settee.
Madam didn't miss out as I also bought a small piece of pink flannel with deep pink swirls and silver snowflakes on. She had a fit when I took hers off to shorten them a couple of inches. I am pleased with the results for both. The boys were made from the CKC free pattern on Fabric.com and little Misses were from a Burda pattern I had pre cut ages ago and not gotten around to using. I think I cut it before we moved and then moving sort of took over as it does.
I had a quick tidy up of the craft space this evening, while I was banished from the living room for hubby's wrapping, and then sat down to make and went blank, but the place looks neater now for next time. I think am going to spend the rest of the evening with a book. 
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sewing for pleasure

I bought the Peppermint Swirl dress pattern ages ago. And it has been on my to do list ever since. After visiting my very good friend this weekend and seeing the one she made recently I decided it really was time to get on with it. It's not finished but it's on it's way, sewing time is limited with a small person with a full leg cast on and another small person who has had a high temperature for a day or two. Then of course the smallest person who wants to 'help Mummy'.
However I am pleased with today's progress, and it sewed a lot faster than I expected.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Season of Joy

This will be our first Christmas in another new house. We have put up the tree and the children have decorated it. They loved getting out their decorations and choosing a special spot for each one, even our not quite 2 year old was busy putting hers on and she did it without help. The tradition in our house is each year they are allowed to choose a new decoration, sometime Granny buys them all one too and sometimes they ask to spend their pocket money on one. After Christmas they are wrapped carefully and put away in their own bags so next year they are all ready to start again. There are only 2 decorations they are not allowed to touch, a wooden angel on a rocking horse my Grandmother gave me and a glass angel my Mother gave me. I love that our tree is in fact their tree, the tree was actually bought the first year my husband and I were together, when Focus still existed and gave you a new home owners card, it was a bargain and some of the baubles are from that year too. 
This year we have some salt dough additions from preschool and a few homemade bits.
The great thing about the children choosing their decorations is the diversity of our decorations, they include among others a brontosaurus, two dragons and a unicorn. Why not after all?!

We have just had a visit from some good friends and it has left me feeling very Christmassy, the fact we have to go on the school run tomorrow is not filling me with excitement. I think I might have to let the Mr go as he is now on annual leave and do some baking instead. 

Merry Christmas Everyone.