Thursday, 28 July 2016

Quick refashion on a stay at home day.

If you have young children of your own you will be all to aware that it's the holidays. After a day out at friends yesterday we had a stay at home day today. I had mountains of washing, some washing up and mountains of clothes to put away so we needed a day to catch up, not to mention the ironing. . . 
I grabbed a bit of time this afternoon to refashion a Good Deed dress made with some fabric from our trip last year, the bodice was getting too small but the skirt looked new still. Rather than adding another skirt to the mass of skirts already in her possession I decided to turn it into a loose tunic for the summer heat we have been having. I am well aware that in doing this I am probably cursing us to a month of rain but you can't blame a girl for trying right?!
Rather than unpick the bodice as I had also top stitched and sewn on ribbon as an afterthought I cut the skirt as close to the bodice as possible. I then cut two J shapes on either side of the top of the skirt. I used the cover stitch foot and hemmed the top of the back and front then I switched out to my normal foot and did a rolled hem along the new armholes. Finally I sewed a channel along the back and front top to thread my ribbon ties. As an after thought I stitched my ties not just in the middle to stop them slipping out but also at both ends as the width was a little too much to just scrunch when tying up the ribbons. I have found it can unscrunch in wear and then there would be far too much across the top in this case. If I had been making from scratch I would have made it slightly a..line but the idea was to make it as quick and easy as possible with the least sewing as it will probably only last until the end of summer anyway.
It doesn't look fantastic on a hanger but it didn't look too bad on when she tried it briefly in between wrecking her brothers room and trying to see how easy it would be to bounce through the ceiling. Only six weeks to go hey!
Happy holidays everyone.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Monday Madness

It's getting towards the end of term and everyday seems busy and full of things to do. We had a very busy weekend with a party for our soon to be 8 year old and his friends at an outdoor Forest School center. It was in the words of the children EPIC. Then we had three of them sleepover so six children in the house and bed time was ongoing. I think I gave up at about 11.45 and there were still odd mumbles from the boys room. Then we had a gathering to go to on Sunday afternoon which with our sleepy children went surprisingly well. I also managed to squeeze in an MRI on Saturday.
I have been busy with leaving gifts and cards the last few days so I thought I would share a few of my latest makes with you today.
A puppy bandanna for a friend who was entering a show. They came second!

A birthday present ordered by son for a friend.

This was for a friends son. Lining up the tartan was fun. I really like this little fellow.

A thank you gift for an above and beyond pastoral carer at the school.

A retirement card and bracelet for sons reception teacher.

A retirement card and partly done hoop frame for the receptionist at school.
I am about to back the second hoop. The first I had to ad lib a bit as the fabric wasn't quite the right size so I glued it in place. This one has enough fabric to try and finish it properly. I hope it works.
I have done the preschool drop and collect and popped to HobbyCraft for a hoop. I would rather have bought an old one but I need it for tomorrow so I didn't have time to do a charity shop hunt.
The weather is beautiful on this side of the country today. Lets hope summer is finally here.
Enjoy your week.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

A home coming and some new embroidery machine projects.

We are a family again. After several weeks of being in Kenya Daddy is back and the children are loving having him home. It has been rather noisy I have to say but noisy happy children are 100 times better than noisy unhappy children.
No 1 son made a banner for the door. The door desperately need sanding and re varnishing but that's another post I think. Renovation never ends.
I have recently rediscovered the joy of the embroidery function on my machine. I have been having a bit of a play. It started when I saw someones 5x7 Three Wishes by Titania Creations and commented on it. I only have a 4x4 hoop and was a little disappointed but by that evening there was a 4x4 download on the freebie page. It's a lovely website with some beautiful patterns if you have an embroidery machine I highly recommend popping over for a look. Here is my practice piece, it stitches out really well.
This was just a trial on an old pillowcase but I think it's headed for a cushion or possibly a bag.
The dandelion is the symbol of the military child so this one is particularly poignant.
After getting my embroidery juices flowing again I went on the hunt for some more patterns to play with. Here are the results of a few evenings playing about.
This elephant was a freebie from Ann the Gran. I posted his progress on my personal Facebook page and my friends were going mad for him. He became this cushion, I thought the fabric was quite complimentary to the stitching. I love him and he has already marched off to live at a friends house.

These bunnies I actually bought from an American site, it was probably EmbLibrary but it might not have been. I should really have made a note of it. This picture does not do them justice at all. They stitch out very well but the silvery grey thread is impossible to photograph, I paired it up with this beautiful sparkly star fabric which is also very hard to photograph well and a friend of mine has requested it for her daughter who is bunny mad.
I have also been playing with some cows but that's another blog post and hopefully one I will get finished and sharing with you very soon.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.