Monday, 30 August 2010

The winnings and the resulting makes

I mentioned recently that I was lucky enough to be picked as a giveaway winner by Beads Direct (click to visit website full of amazing beads and findings). I managed to get some pictures uploaded from my camera today so here is a picture of the bead stash, it was accompanied by two jewellery making booklets with tonnes of ideas and inspiration and a catalogue and even a voucher for a discount on my next shopping spree!
I also managed to get a picture of one of the pieces I have made with my stash. I also made a bracelet but my son appears to have been playing in my jewellery box again. For a 2 yr old he has an amazing interest with my 'pretties'!
Soon to be appearing in a shop near here!
I am looking forward to making a lot more incorporating these gorgeous beads. I'm also considering popping over to their website before the £5 off bank holiday offer expires.

Fiona @ Christals Creations

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Is there anybody there?

Sometimes I get the feeling it's just me, sitting here typing away, posting pictures, having random conversations with myself.
I blog and blog and I tweet about blogging and I post links about blogging and occassionally I blog about other things and other people or about giveaways but there never seems to be a lot of response.
Then I look at other blogs and there are 500 followers and comments here there and everywhere.
I am wondering if I've got the wrong end of the stick and i'm doing it all wrong?

Ah well. For now i'll just keep chatting to myself in cyberspace . . .


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Where did the Summer go?

It seems as if the Summer is over already and I don't really remember it being here at all. I know there was a week or two of sun way back in May but that was forever ago! But it's not just summer thats passed us by it's time in general. I can't believe my little boy is two already. And we are not far off the second arriving. It doesn't seem that long ago he was just a tiny thing in an incubator cot.
You wouldn't believe it looking at him now.
I have been busy working on some wedding jewellery - very simple glass pearls. The main jewellery is done just waiting for the beads to make the tiara now. It was based on a bracelet I had made previously that the bride to be liked.
I have also been making a bracelet for a lady who bought one from me previously and ended up selling it on to her friend while she was visiting as she liked it so much. She has asked for another and a pendant to go with it. It is a simple twisted wire link bracelet but looks very effective when it is done.
This afternoon we have been making things. My husband and son are just trying to prise the plaster from the cast they made earlier and then I understand we are growing prehistoric creatures. . .
I hope you are all having an equally bizarre and fun weekend.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Another job done

I  have been a bit lax of late keeping up with business on and offline but I am pleased to say I have been making a comeback slowly.
This evening I sat and filed my tax return online which is something I have been putting off for ages, though now I have done it i'm not sure why. It was not at all as i'd imagined and as I keep a regular spreadsheet of income and expenses it was even easier. Apart from all the random questions I had to check up on as I wasn't sure if they applied.
During the week I have made a few new items just waiting for some good weather to picture them now.
Last week I attended two events, a shopping night where I sold a few items and as it was hosted by a friend I was lucky not to be charged for a table.
And a party night which wasn't quite what i'd expected but at least I came home with a few extra pounds and as I was driven there by the Vie at Home lady I didn't have to spend out on petrol.
So things are ticking over slowly.