Monday, 30 August 2010

The winnings and the resulting makes

I mentioned recently that I was lucky enough to be picked as a giveaway winner by Beads Direct (click to visit website full of amazing beads and findings). I managed to get some pictures uploaded from my camera today so here is a picture of the bead stash, it was accompanied by two jewellery making booklets with tonnes of ideas and inspiration and a catalogue and even a voucher for a discount on my next shopping spree!
I also managed to get a picture of one of the pieces I have made with my stash. I also made a bracelet but my son appears to have been playing in my jewellery box again. For a 2 yr old he has an amazing interest with my 'pretties'!
Soon to be appearing in a shop near here!
I am looking forward to making a lot more incorporating these gorgeous beads. I'm also considering popping over to their website before the £5 off bank holiday offer expires.

Fiona @ Christals Creations


  1. These new beads are beautiful! I love that shade of aqua. The necklace is georgous too, they way you have used the chain to separtate each bead really lets them come to life!

    Have to say Dolly has been the best £6.99 I've spent on my business. Let me know if you would like the name of the ebay shop.

    Laura x

  2. Here is a link to the one I bought, let me know if this works.

    Speak soon,
    Laura x


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