Monday, 16 August 2010

Another job done

I  have been a bit lax of late keeping up with business on and offline but I am pleased to say I have been making a comeback slowly.
This evening I sat and filed my tax return online which is something I have been putting off for ages, though now I have done it i'm not sure why. It was not at all as i'd imagined and as I keep a regular spreadsheet of income and expenses it was even easier. Apart from all the random questions I had to check up on as I wasn't sure if they applied.
During the week I have made a few new items just waiting for some good weather to picture them now.
Last week I attended two events, a shopping night where I sold a few items and as it was hosted by a friend I was lucky not to be charged for a table.
And a party night which wasn't quite what i'd expected but at least I came home with a few extra pounds and as I was driven there by the Vie at Home lady I didn't have to spend out on petrol.
So things are ticking over slowly.

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