Thursday, 26 August 2010

Is there anybody there?

Sometimes I get the feeling it's just me, sitting here typing away, posting pictures, having random conversations with myself.
I blog and blog and I tweet about blogging and I post links about blogging and occassionally I blog about other things and other people or about giveaways but there never seems to be a lot of response.
Then I look at other blogs and there are 500 followers and comments here there and everywhere.
I am wondering if I've got the wrong end of the stick and i'm doing it all wrong?

Ah well. For now i'll just keep chatting to myself in cyberspace . . .



  1. I'm here! I know what you mean though! I try not to take it too personally, as I more often than not read but not comment, just because I don't have time. Don't worry:) Vic x

  2. Hi, I am here too, even if I have been painting the spare bedroom all day. Sore back now too!

    My number of comments always varies, like Vic said sometimes people read but don't have time to comment.

  3. Hiya, yip I'm here too, I wonder the same, it's lack of time with me to leave comments, but I do 'like' or 'star' things in google reader that I enjoy reading. Ideally I'd love to leave comments for everyone, so I'm just silently appreciating your ramblings at the moment :0) x

  4. I'm here too! I'm always in such a rush that I often don't leave comments on the blogs I read but funnily enough I was about to comment on your lovely photo yesterday but got distracted by my children! Keep going. We are reading!

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  6. I haven't had much time to comment lately so I guess I am guilty! but I do read them.......I know how you feel though but I keep chatting / moaning anyway :)


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