Saturday, 23 February 2013

More February makes

I have been on a bit of a roll this month. After my pan holder I decided it was time to make number one son his long awaited bed throw and pillow case. He choose the fabric on line and the delivery was actually super quick. I found a company in the UK with a branch in Germany so I didn't even have trouble with the ordering process. Pop along to and take a look.
I also made a monster for number two son who took a bizarre liking to some left over green wool I had used for the baby blanket I made for the new addition. I needed something quick and easy and this was perfect.
What have you been making this month?

Friday, 15 February 2013

A quick afternoon make and something for February.

We went out to breakfast with some of the ladies on the street this morning and the little ones played until they were worn out. There was not too much fighting for the quantity of children playing which was nice. It meant that after lunch both the baby and the small boy both had a bit of a nap giving me time to try out a new project. I was so determined to get it done before the bus run I rushed it a bit, I must slow down and take more care when I'm sewing but I am sure it will come eventually. 

It's a pan holder to stop your hand getting hot/burnt when holding hot pans. It was supposed to be a square but it has gone on the wonk. I think I should have only used one piece of wadding as it is quite fat but I suppose with use this will change. I have wondered about putting something round the edge, bias or ribbon to hide the wonky sewing. I am not sure. And I think I might make something to go with it. Not sure I am up to oven gloves but maybe a tea cosy wouldn't be too hard?!

Friday, 8 February 2013

New addition of the small pink wriggly kind.

It has been a busy few weeks here at the C.C household. Sadly we started the year with the passing away of my brother in law after a 10 month fight with a very aggressive brain tumour. Unfortunately we were not able to get home before this happened so my husband flew home as soon as he was able. Two days after he flew home I went into labour and sadly he also missed the birth of our beautiful daughter Annabelle. Not a great start to the year. 
Cheeky monkey!

Luckily we have some amazing friends on the patch of the kind who are happy to drag themselves out of bed at 2.30 am to come and sleep on the sofa and organise our children for school in the morning. He also took number 2 son to his wife and he got to play with their little boy most of the day. The other sort of friend we have is the one who drives you to hospital and doesn't leave your side until the next afternoon when hubby finally arrives back in the same place as you. She was there throughout the birth and was the first person to hold our daughter after me. She was also the first person to be wee'd on and sicked on by her. Without these friends everything would have been rather more traumatic than it was. Unfortunately, (yes there is more), I was then readmitted the day after we came home from hospital with a double infection and put on IV antibiotics for 7 days. The first few days I have to be honest I don't remember much I had a temperature of 39-40+ constantly. But it is all over now and we are both back home with the boys and my husband and starting to get used to life as a family of five not four. 
Sleeping angel!