Friday, 15 February 2013

A quick afternoon make and something for February.

We went out to breakfast with some of the ladies on the street this morning and the little ones played until they were worn out. There was not too much fighting for the quantity of children playing which was nice. It meant that after lunch both the baby and the small boy both had a bit of a nap giving me time to try out a new project. I was so determined to get it done before the bus run I rushed it a bit, I must slow down and take more care when I'm sewing but I am sure it will come eventually. 

It's a pan holder to stop your hand getting hot/burnt when holding hot pans. It was supposed to be a square but it has gone on the wonk. I think I should have only used one piece of wadding as it is quite fat but I suppose with use this will change. I have wondered about putting something round the edge, bias or ribbon to hide the wonky sewing. I am not sure. And I think I might make something to go with it. Not sure I am up to oven gloves but maybe a tea cosy wouldn't be too hard?!


  1. Ooh, it's lovely! I like the design:) I think a matching tea cosy would be perfect!

  2. Very nice - and I'd go with a tea cosy too! :-)


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