Saturday, 2 September 2017

More adventures in jersey.

I had bought a length of jersey in Lisa's in Rheda back when we lived in Germany. My son choose it and thought i could make him a t.shirt from it. This was rather a long time ago so I didn't expect him to still like it but when I showed him he said he would like a t.shirt from it please.
Our printer is out of ink so I decided that the 'winging it' option was the best way forward here. I found a fairly well fitting t.shirt and folded it in half, I cut the fabric on the fold back and front leaving seam allowance and then did the same with the sleeves. I used the sewing machine as the overlocker is still not being my friend. I will get around to figuring it out at some point. 
It sewed up easily enough and I hemmed the sleeves and bottom. I used a strip of the fabric for the neckline, I made a loop which I folded in half and sewed to the neck opening. It worked well enough.
Here it is on my dress form looking a little stretched. He loved it and has worn it many times.
I think my fear of knits is subsiding gradually. I must make friends with the overlocker again and that might make things even easier.
Until next time.