Thursday, 31 December 2009

My newest addition

Well what with Christmas and getting stranded in Estonia just before and all the festive stuff I haven't been doing a lot of Christals Creations things.
I have of course launched the new web site but have yet to see any traffic headed that way. Early days and it needs some advertising.
But I did get round to adding a new necklace on Folksy and I am really quite pleased with the photos.
I was given a new camera for christmas and it is a lot better than the camera on my phone which I was having to use previously due to my old camera dying a slow death.
I am looking forward to having a few moments in between looking after the wee man to learn to use it properly and get lots more pretty shiny things added to both my shops.
I can hear a cry from upstairs. I had better go and rescue him from his nap.

Monday, 28 December 2009

And a dot com is born.

Feeling a little excited and a bit apprehensive as I have launched this evening. There is not a lot on it currently but more will be coming in the next week.
I am not planning on leaving my folksy emporium anytime soon just expanding my horizons so to speak.
I have been working on it for a while and I think I am quite pleased with it. Just hoping the 'shop' facility works ok and doesn't all go to pot. Fingers crossed!!!
I have a few other ideas to expand Christals just a matter of sitting down to it. I also have two boxes of jewellery to list on one or other site and a whole box of de-stash stock to list. Thinking of creating a limited time folksy shop for the de-stash.
I am going to do a little promotion and the 1st ten customers of my new website will receive a free gift.
Blog spot is not playing the game tonight and wont let me upload any pics but i'll get some up here soon.
Take care.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Jewellery time.

Well as this blog is really supposed to be about me and my jewellery amongst all the other things there are to write about I thought perhaps I would add a few pics of things I have been making that have yet to make it to the Folksy emporium.
I sat down last night to go through the stash and was horrified to find out how much there was that needed listing and photographing. I have a few happy days work ahead of me!
The first item is a bracelet i'd made for a christmas present but then decided on something else so it is soon to go up for sale. It is made from turquoise beads and gold stardust beads. Finished with a goldplated toggle clasp.
Next is a pair of fun earrings I made using some beads from a swap that took place on the Folksy forum a while back.
Finally i'll add a picture of a pink and crystal lariat I made earlier in the summer for a fete which had a particularly poor turn out. I have just rediscovered a box of bits that came home that day so watch this space!

Once the holiday is over I shall be adding a few more of these bits and pieces to my folksy store.

End of the teather. . .

What a week. I don't know what has got into him but my son is being a real handful. Today we went to playgroup and he threw glitter everywhere, not just once but four times at least, then he threw sand at the sandpit, he screamed blue murder when I removed him from both areas. He constantly tried to get in the nets under other peoples pushchairs, screamed at his lunch and wouldn't sit down for it. He had a lovely nap after we got home and I was hoping he'd be refreshed but he screamed for half an hour and then went into hyper mode.
When hubby came home we sat down for a cup of tea and he wouldn't stop trying to climb where he isn't allowed, hitting things when he can't have what he wants.
I fear I am going to become the mum no one wants to be friends with as they have a monster child. I'm done in.
Dad has taken him out for a walk to try and calm him down and to give me five minutes. I can feel the tension across my back from the stress.
He can be such a lovely boy, he has just begun to pick up on copying words and walking without falling over. Bring back the monkey. . . take away the monster. . .

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Twinkly smiles!

Well I convinced myhusband to put the tree up yesterday evening when the sprog was in bed. We have had to borrow a small one from a friend this year as the house we are in now is a little smaller than our old place so it's just a little tree but it was just as fun setting it up, we changed the lightshade too, to one I wrapped with tinsel last year and hung out a few garlands.
I brought my son downstairs this morning and the grin on his face when I turned on the lights. He has played with the baubals and tried to eat them and generally had a bit of a play but he hasn't tried to pull it over which I was quite relieved about.
Then he decided that it was about time he added a decoration of his own.
I am leaving it there it took him so long to get it to stay in the branches. :o)