Thursday, 10 December 2009

End of the teather. . .

What a week. I don't know what has got into him but my son is being a real handful. Today we went to playgroup and he threw glitter everywhere, not just once but four times at least, then he threw sand at the sandpit, he screamed blue murder when I removed him from both areas. He constantly tried to get in the nets under other peoples pushchairs, screamed at his lunch and wouldn't sit down for it. He had a lovely nap after we got home and I was hoping he'd be refreshed but he screamed for half an hour and then went into hyper mode.
When hubby came home we sat down for a cup of tea and he wouldn't stop trying to climb where he isn't allowed, hitting things when he can't have what he wants.
I fear I am going to become the mum no one wants to be friends with as they have a monster child. I'm done in.
Dad has taken him out for a walk to try and calm him down and to give me five minutes. I can feel the tension across my back from the stress.
He can be such a lovely boy, he has just begun to pick up on copying words and walking without falling over. Bring back the monkey. . . take away the monster. . .


  1. I've so been there! Its just a phase and hopefully in a couple of weeks all will be back to normal. Just count to 10 and dream about the large glass of wine you can have when he goes to bed!! x

  2. Oh dear, it's a horrible feeling, but I think most parents understand and just think 'thank God it's not mine playing up today!' Vic x PS RedBirdJewellery's posting my interview tonight...


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