Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Twinkly smiles!

Well I convinced myhusband to put the tree up yesterday evening when the sprog was in bed. We have had to borrow a small one from a friend this year as the house we are in now is a little smaller than our old place so it's just a little tree but it was just as fun setting it up, we changed the lightshade too, to one I wrapped with tinsel last year and hung out a few garlands.
I brought my son downstairs this morning and the grin on his face when I turned on the lights. He has played with the baubals and tried to eat them and generally had a bit of a play but he hasn't tried to pull it over which I was quite relieved about.
Then he decided that it was about time he added a decoration of his own.
I am leaving it there it took him so long to get it to stay in the branches. :o)

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