Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

I have been particularly bad at posting about this so am grabbing the chance while the little man is eating lunch.
I have finally got mine off in the mail today then realised I had forgotten to take any pictures so I shall have to wait for the receipient to post theirs.
However I received mine a while ago now and have just uploaded the picture this morning.

Not one but threes little christmas trees to hang on our tree. All created by the very talented Alex Broadbent of Aleximo. There was a little gift in the packet too. A mobile phone charm decorated with pretty beads.
I was a little worried as I have only made one item and it doesn't seem quite as exciting as those I have received but fingers crossed.


  1. They're really cute! I wouldn't worry about only sending one decoration, as I just sent the one too. I'm sure whoever received yours will be delighted!

  2. Thanks Vic. Mine was a dual purpose ornament, hang then unwrap the cord and it's a necklace so hoping it'll go down well. LOL.


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