Monday, 23 November 2009

Back to Blogging.

The baby is asleep, tea warm in the cup and have thought it's about time I got back to blogging. It seems there is rarely enough hours in the day for all the household chores and mundane everday tasks and with christmas looming already the says seem even shorter.
I have managed to make a few new bits and pieces but my camera has died so i'm hoping Santa brings me a new one. I thought I might try using the camera on the phone earlier but it's full of baby pics so my next task is to upload those.
We went shopping at the weekend and i'm pleased to say the dreaded hordes have now been overcome. Anything else that is needed can be restricted to internet shopping. Oh and a quick trip to toys r us.
An interesting email I received cut down the shopping greatly. Vouchers are us for many people this year. It was actually quite a stress reliver. No worries about will it be liked, will it be tossed aside and a waste of time and energy.
The wee one took two steps earlier, it was quite exciting, hubby will be gutted as he missed it, seems to miss so much with work and things. Still it's a way to go before he can walk across the room alone and hopefully hubby will be home for that.
Well before I witter on too long I will leave you all to this delightful weather and attempt to get these pictures sorted.
So long. . .


  1. Ooh, exciting - first steps! Wait until he starts climbing though and getting into all sorts of strange places! x

  2. LOL. He climbs like a monkey already. . . he even managed to go up the ironing pile to get to the cupboard. And on a parcel my Dad received this afternoon to get into my mums kitchen draw. . .


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