Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas is coming.

And our youngest is in need of a stocking. We couldn't get her one to match the other four so I decided to make her one of her own. Annoyingly the hoop for my machine is broken and waiting on a new one but was still pleased with the outcome. The fabric is Holiday Frost which I bought from the lovely Rachel at Rooftop Fabrics. (If you haven't come across them before take a look). It is lined with a cheaper white cotton from our shop up the road and the cuff is micro fleece also from Rooftop. It has a ribbon hanger and a red button to finish it off. I was undecided whether to use a pattern or draw around one of ours and I ended up downloading a pattern from Simply Notable. You could easily just draw your own though. To add the lining I added a slightly larger seam and just popped it inside the stocking before sewing the cuff on.


Sunday, 8 December 2013

But I did!

And so it turns out that I am now the owner of Simply Sewing. Just in PDF format. I shall have a look and see what I can rustle up to put on here so you can all get an idea of what the book is like. 
We have been getting ready for Christmas here. We had a party at home today with just the family and the boys thought it was great. Yesterday we had cousins over for tea and they all ran circles round us adults. 
I had an end of a stall yesterday with some one else, very last minute, (30mins before the event), but I made a few €'s so I was pleased with that. I also learnt a bit about what people will or wont buy. Always interesting to see what people are interested in.
I hope everyone is getting on well with their preparations for Christmas.
Until next time. :)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Or Not

Well actually I didn't win as despite there being nothing in the blog post to indicate as such it's only open to US residents. I knew it was too good to be true. ;)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Shwin and WIN!

I have won! 

I was very pleased to receive the email as I had forgotten about entering the competition. Shwin and Shwin were having a giveaway over on their blog (check it out here) and the lady running the giveaway contacted me today to say I was the random number generated by rafflecopter. (Well actually she just said Congratulations you have won but you get the gist). The book is Simple Sewing by Katie Lewis. You can visit her blog here

I shall let you know what it is like when I receive it and have completed some of the projects. 


I have just returned from a short trip back to the UK to visit family and friends and attend a hospital appointment. It was lovely to go back and see people we miss out here and to spend a bit of quality time with my parents. The children stayed behind with Dad due to commitments here. It was quite a novelty waking up in an empty bed with no small people crawling over me and eating all my lunch with no one trying to steal it from me. It is lovely being in Germany but going back home is also pretty good.
This is from earlier in the year when family came to visit us.