Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nap Time Creations

Well it seems madam has taken to having a self imposed nap in the afternoons again. This is great news for me it means I can clean and prepare tea for when the boys and hubby are home or not.
It means that yesterday I took an idea I had been playing with in my mind and turned it into a reality. I hacked the ANNA dress by BHL into a skirt. It was as easy as I imagined it to be.
I took 2 " from the top of the skirt pieces and sewed it together as normal, I replaced the zip with a 7" zip and hook and eye and then used bias tape to create the waistband. I hemmed it as usual. I am really pleased with this one. Looking forward to the end of the rain so it can get an airing.
Then in the evening I challenged myself to use one scrap/remnant. This fabric came from my aunt and there was just enough for these cute shorts for my daughter, shame about the rain, good job we have a summer holiday planned! There is just enough of the fabric left to create a puff or a flower to embellish a plain top to match.
The weather here today is dull and wet so I am not sure much will get done around entertaining the small people. But I might try and find a use for another remnant later. 

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  1. I'm really impressed with all your makes. Well done you.
    Annie x


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