Friday, 8 May 2015

Me Made May attempt 2

After seeing everyone's posts about Me Made May and the challenges they have all set I decided I would try a bit harder to wear some Me Made. And maybe even make some more to wear. It didn't help that when I opened the drawer I realised all my jeans were in the wash after a not great week so it was skirt or dress day. I went with my favourite Anna. Well there is still one I haven't worn but my favourite so far. It was made a while ago and is now a tad big but as it's too cold to wear it alone I had a cream cardigan on hiding the excess fabric.
I bought this fabric from myfabric online when we were in Germany I also bought some similar in another shade which I might make into a skirt. It's a linen look and I love it.
Excuse the picture, I am not the best self picture taker but it does the job. I shall continue to try and uphold the idea of wearing a bit of Me Made throughout the rest of May.

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