Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spring Time. . .

After my slightly disappointing failure to complete my very tiny challenge I have struck back today and listed a few new items on my Folksy shop page and I have put aside a few bits for the Christals Creations web site.
Last night I sat down and made a couple of new pieces. One of which I have decided to give my friends daughter for her birthday. The other of which shall be coming soon to a website near you.

Today also saw us planting out rows of vegetable seeds in our recently dug garden patch. I am not sure how good the soil is but hopefully we shall see some results. The sweet corn and tomatoes are in pots inside waiting to shoot. Every day hubby asks are they growing yet?

I hope the weather stays like this. I would like to try taking photos outside and using the nautral light to see if I can enhance them slightly.

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  1. Hi, I would love the info on moving the cutest blog if you can find it, it is rather annoying but I've never worked out how to move it.

    Well done on listing more items, we have definately found more people visiting our shops and the group has done well for sales so far.

    I am back at work on Mon so it isn't going to be so easy for me now.


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